The Challenge: Vendettas - Note on a Scandal

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Lets go!!!


im going to miss mel's beautiful ***

We don't need these god damn recaps. Just get straight to the content (or lack thereof)

The talking about pizza reminds me of that ****** shit they had to eat on Exes 2.

So have I been the only one noticing that Victor has been actively pursuing Joss though. 

OMG Joss and Victor are so hot.

Yass @ The Push It song! Wink

That looked like a dude with a towel on. Might have been one of the girls wrote the note and asked one of the dudes to put it on the bed.

Joss is hot af

My guess is that Leroy placed it, but someone else wrote it. Maybe it was Bananas idea and Natalie wrote it. 

******* dead at the prison height chart 

******* dead at the prison height chart 

Joss is hot af

Brad really might be on roids

Please take down the old hag Bananas!

I love how they are showing how the house is divided 

LMAO! Of course Shane would find himself in the middle of some bizzare drama ****. Funny

All this messiness...Nia would be so proud. Smile


Late to the party. CHALLENGE time.

draggggg himmm Devinnnnnn

Tj wrote it

I'm loving the way they are just super imposing the person they are doing confessionals about. Its a cool effect. 

This better be a guys elimination day

Night missions >>>

I'm with Kailah. I don't **** around in the ocean at nighttime.

Night missions >>>

draggggg himmm Devinnnnnn

Lowkey think queen Natalie wrote the note and it was probably bananas idea bc we all know he likes to do stupid pranks and shit. 

100% think its devin lol He wanted to start drama with Veronica and Jemmye since he was in the Troika

Devin dragging Bananas and getting everyone together >>>>>