The Challenge: Vendettas - Kayleigh Morris

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AshtonMartin wrote:

a REAL bad bitch would’ve met her on the stairs after throwing her shit over the ledge tbh

They would've been waiting forever with how long it took Kayleigh to get those shoes off. ☕

KingoftheTrill wrote:

I feel like she's been .5% "competition" and 99.5% "various ******it" so I'm glad that she's gone. I would have rather her left via elimination, but she wasn't adding anything that I cared about so now that her and Marie are gone we can almost entirely focus on the actual competition. 

**** shames Melissa, tries to hide hooking up with multiple guys in the house and after the showBullies various people on previous shows, can't take what she dishes and quitsBrings up Melissa's past on previous shows, doesn't like when people do the same to herPretends to now hate bullies, outs a castmember who did nothing to her0.5% Challenge shit, 99.5% various hypocritical bullshitSome queen... ☕️ 

I hope next season she throws some hands towards them Biggrin

I can't believe that TJ was supportive of her leaving....given how he rages against quitters. (And rightfully so) Even this season he accused Marie of quitting when it wasn't obvious that she did and then gives no ***** that Kayleigh is quitting (while not even in the elimination!!)