The Challenge: Vendettas - Kam Williams

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Kam is going to win a Challenge! 

Graphik and I been telling y’all Warrior Empress Malkamitu IS worth the hype we did pre-season. So proud of her ❤️

dylan76 wrote:

This kam hype is out of control.   She's basically  just a step up from devyn.  Nothing special.   She will never win, mark my words.

??? Comeon now. The girl can actually run so that alone makes the Devyn comparison void.

which is why she's a step up.  If she couldn't run she would be devyns twin.  

************* QUEEN.

She really redeemed herself on this show. After that whole gofundme thing I wasn't too fond of her but she definelty changed my view of her now. She is now one of my favorite current castmembers and honestly? She had a damn good debut. I hope to see this queen again on the next show. Love her>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

we love a LEGEND

we love a LEGEND

Big ******* facts