The Challenge: Vendettas - Guilty by Association

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JayTee wrote:
Brad is FAR from irrelevant. Irrelevant vets are people like Ty or Dunbar. Brad is a challenge legend, just go rewatch Cutthroat and you'll see how much he's evolved his political skills from challenges like Inferno 2.

He's irrelevant in the sense that he hasn't been around the last few seasons and no one really takes him serious when it comes to politics. The same thing happened when KellyAnne brought her *** back. He's basically starting fresh because these are new crop of Challengers.

Brad literally was in the top 3 of the 1st mission this season. I would have money on Brad over Tony, Nelson, Devin, and any of these male rookies.

Kayleigh is gorgeous 

People hating on Melissa lol I can see why. She's bad as ****.

Nicole you're a idiot. Melissa don't want your ***. Andy **** please go!

Veronica looked amazing at the bar...can we focus on anything other than the fake drama?

Rip this episodes ratings 

Why is Kayleigh so pressed over Melissa’s speech? Lol

If Kams stupid ***** *** went after Mel over Leroy... I'm dropping that rat. Who cares who the girl flirts with.

Get her Kam! Drag her Kam! Scalp her Kam! #ICON

Why does Kam have an accent now 

Of course, Nicole is a ******* ******* too :)) LolLol

Aligning with Brad isn't stupid...banging him and making it as obvious as they are is a problem.  Melissa vs. Kam is even more stupid

Why is Kam picking on Melissa for?

Why is Kam picking on Melissa for?

Did Kam really start this **** for no reason? Mind your own ******* business you idiot. 

Jemmye thirsting to hop in the drama.

Nicole really need to listen to Kayleigh given that she knows her..

I see right through you ho! lmaoooooooo

I really just noticed Kam drunk as **** too.

Yup. Kam is pressed over nothing. 

Is it bad i want them to kiss lol

Jemmye not with the ***** lmao 


Did Kam really start this **** for no reason? Mind your own ******* business you idiot. 

Shes a bully who wanted camera time.

Jemmye is ugly lol why did she get in between Melissa and Kam again?


Melissa been talking reckless the whole episode. Kam is not picking on her like stop reaching.

Jemmeye please get kicked off the show so that kam can stay. this the only time im glad jemmeye is stepping on cuz maybe she'll swing and go home so that kam isnt veiwed as a "liability" even tho melissa started the aggressions

I like Kam but her coming for Melissa was so uneccessary. 


If I had a dollar for every time Jemmye criticized someone for something that applied to her just as equally....I wouldn't have student loans.