The Challenge: Vendettas - Baskets of Deplorables

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-Kailah questioning Kam was stupid af. Anyone with a brain could see why Kam said Marie’s name. Kam had to look out for herself, thats the game...I do hope Kam wearsa different wig on her next season.-Marie is pretty pathetic tbh. That defeatest attitude she has sucks. She expects to cause hella drama and just fly under the radar and people have her back? She doesn’t make good alliances. Glad she’s gone-LeRoy’s back... did we remember that he was still gone? I forgot all about him and his fall-Dare I say i’m lowkey liking Zach this season.-Green Team. All that shit Jemmeye talks about Johnny but she’s lowkey one of his followers. Another pathetic one.-Lol I love how Johnny acts like such a badass. He wouldn’t strangle anyone. Devin gets him so upset and I love it.

also with his short hair I wanna bang him. It’s a weird feeling being team Zach. 

this season is lit

Episode 8 Recap Discussion of The Challenge Vendettas with Marie & Kayleigh. THEY SPILL THE TEA!  Marie & Kayleigh- The Challenge Vendettas Episode 8 Recap Discussion

I just watched the episode and bye at eveyone being all upset with Kayleigh, especially Jemmye’s tragic ass. 

And I just love how easily Devin can get under Bananas’ skin. 

Marie is pathetic. She has flopped on most of her challenges and honestly I wouldn't mind if she wasn't back on again. She always quits eliminations/or gets humilliated on them.

Episode overall was good. And I think next week will get better.

Kam's a rookie and she is the smartest member of that alliance by far.

Kam didn't used her grenade wisely, while Kailah did...