The Challenge: USA - State Of The Unions

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The Challenge: USA - State Of The Unions
Players are blindfolded and must navigate an epic crash course driving challenge.

The daily looks cool tonight!

This reminds me of NuFearFactor season 1

Officer Sarah needs to go.

Any repeat partners?

Finally Kyland getting his credit

Any repeat partners?

Not this week

Ty queenie

King Leo segment!!

Why she mad

Wait what is this segment LMAOOOO

Leo's so rich that he has several EMPLOYEES??

Who is this heifer yelling at Leo. His partner or coworker?

That's not where I thought that segment was going LMAOOO

I thought we were getting a heartwarming Leo segment and it was his girlfriend freaking out that his businesses are failing

I still don't really know why Leo did this to begin with. He doesn't really have a chance at winning and he doesn't need the money

This is a cool challenge

Twitter is hating on Leo's girlfriend lol

Rightfully so

This is the best mission ever!!!! Didn't they used to call them missions at some point? Why do y'all call them dailies? Ew

Were they dqed for getting stuck?

Officer Sarah's facial expressions in confessionals make me laugh

Idk why barrels were needed on this course... just let them hit each other more


That was a fun challenge

I like Cayla :/

Queen Cayla targeting Angela YES!

Go Cayla go Sarah Go Angela