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Usually final eliminations don't feel intense during recent seasons but this feels intense. The music, the daily, the three winners, the stakes, the cross alliances.  So much!

So Dom gonna be the tie breaker?

Sarah is too trusting like you got a hug and now she's safe?

i think dom has gotten the most airtime this season 

Ugh imagine if Drag threw herself down there against Angela. I hope the final isn't timed I want a finish line. 

TY TY!!!!!

Oh wait I just remember what he did on Allstars smh 

Not Angela going into elimination on her birthday 

Even Angela's walk out was so basic lmao

Not Angela going into elimination on her birthday 


I think Angela gets injured here

I just realized everyone is from Survivor except Cayla, Alyssa, Justine, and Angela

Dom told Tyson to kiss his *** Lol

DOM SAVED THE SEASON! Imagine if he did Cayla how underwhelming although Cayla is bigger could she beat Angela?

Pole wrestle...

its no hall brawl but angela is so much bigger than alyssa lol

Cinco spazzing again cause he wish he played a physical elimination 

its no hall brawl but angela is so much bigger than alyssa lol

They both seem like they'd get whooped in a physical fight so I don't expect a full on fling despite Angela obviously being bigger and stronger. 

cayla vs angela woulda been a cute battle

damn this elimination gave amanda vs tori lol

That was quick

I just peeped TJ wearing a jean jacket

ice queen angela actually has a heart?! 

I think Cayla would've put up a better fight

I see why the producer said he was disappointed watching the final elimination lol

you can tell tj likes alyssa a lot WHY and expects to see her soon whattt

Lmaoo Karma's a ***** Alyssa and his names Xavier/Tiffany

Angela is kind of cold lol

Ok I'm a Sarah STAN but lowkey Angela winning would feel the most satisfying especially after this. Love to see emotion from her for once

Now why would TJ say that lmao?