The Challenge: Total Madness - Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat

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Joss biggest advantage is being attached to Rogan who I'm sure they'll cast for more seasons to come sadly. So for that reason only I can see Joss back on the show where Fessy doesn't really have that advantage so he's going to need to bring something next time he's on. 

Fessy has more personality than Joss..


Meh. Joss 2.0 so far to me, but he could prove me wrong.

Joss is a boring but an ******* too. I genuinely feel like Fessy is a good guy, I wish he would have brought it in confessionals to secure his spot.

How is Joss a jerk? I hope it is for a better reason other than him voting Georgia in.

A single fessy would be more enjoyable but I'm glad him and his girl  are super cute ❤️❤️

Fessy definitely wasn’t boring on big brother 

he had his funny dumb moments, he also called Angela out, he had his love triangle with Kaitlyn and Haleigh. 

Hes just genuine and faithful to Haleigh. team Fessy!