The challenge: Total Madness - Cory Wharton

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He was so nice to Big T when she thought she wasn't going in. He's def matured a ton since his first season 




She already putting up with his cheating to secure that teen mom bag

If that was the case, then she wouldn't be with him anymore. She has a child with him, she's going to be getting  "bags" from him and the show regardless.

He already cheated on her before with the girl she spat at and don't like and she's still with him. Then there's the recent allegations with messages displayed of him exchanging with another girl he planned to hookup with and again still with him. She clearly is fine with her role as a doormat. It would have to take for him to leave her to not be with him

yep, it's sad that she allows herself to be in that position, but my comment was a response to someone saying she's with him for money and not how stupid she is for staying with him after all the cheating (which I agree).

Taylor has been with him and unfortunately put up with his cheating behaviour even before he joined Teen Mom

they were on and off for awhile. And then she gets pregnant and theres people exposing him trying to cheat while she was pregnant and she still stayed with him so at that point, yes I would say that she stays with him for the teen mom bag/exposure. You can try to paint a different picture of her but thats the vibes I get from her and you cant convince me otherwise. Like someone above said, shes not gonna leave him, the only way thats gonna end is on his end. She was desperate to stay relevant before cory and now she has that in being the mother of corys second child and being with him, even though he wont even say "i love you" to her. I know people who arent even together and coparent that can say that. 

At first I really liked Taylor, but after the entire Cory thing... I just lost respect for her. At this point, she looks simply like a clown. I feel like Taylor could do so much better than Cory, *** are you doing girl lol