The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies - The Threat

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LMAO it's so dead in here

Everyone's watching survivor?

Kyle is really build like Sponge Bob Square Pants

Oh shit, I forgot this was on. Anything good so far?

Not Berna outperforming the men lol

Oh shit, I forgot this was on. Anything good so far?

Nothing so far

Hughie looks 50

Ashley losing a puzzle against Cory, Belson and the circus freak would be embarrassing 

Bettina tits are huge

I don't think last season had this much commercial breaks during daily challenges

Every team that won a round has somebody that hates Berna

Berna queen and has everyone pressed idc 

Bettina tits are huge

First thing I thought lol 

Ct really wasn't rocking with Berna lmao

Welp, Amber is kinda weird for this. Don't volunteer yourself for a guy you just met lmao oh no...

There's amber being fake again. She has no reason or want to go down there why is she saying that 

Jeremiah got Amber dickmatized lmao

Kaycee pressed at Amber winning DA tho *******

Yikes! Amber is really dumb when it comes to guys between this and getting a tat of a guy after 24 hours of meeting him.

Why say all that she just made it easy for them whenever they have to vote a vet into elimination.

Amber is setting herself to get drag by Berna

I told y'all amber and Berna were beefing over Nelson 

Nelson is the first one spreading rumors about other people relationships but get mad about Amber speaking about his 2 weeks ReLaTiOnShIp with Bertha

Say what u want about amber but shes providing this season unlike many others in this cast.

Wait, why are Amber and Berna arguing again lol?

Amber is annoying I can see why they don't like her