The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies- Kaycee Clark

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The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies- Kaycee Clark

Original show: Big Brother Season 20

Number of Challenges: 3

Wins: 0

Looking every bit of a mess

Nobody asked 

There's room for everyone I guess!


Serving the same old shit, can she come up with something else. 

*yawn* next

This cholo is not needed.

The resident armchair


I find it hilarious when y'all say her only role is repeating the instructions for the daily challenges lol. 

At least let your hair down. Switch it up. We are bored.

I thought this was Vevmo not Amazon. I don't wanna buy this desk.

Same exact expression even. On sale at Wayfair.

Today is student picture day! Say cheese!

Most boring cast member of all time

I blame Rihanna

Why does it looks like the same cast photo since BB? Yikes

Great social game and can compete. Great casting. 

Boring and does nothing horrible casting 

Let's go!

Queen honestly

Let's go to a different channel!

Isnt she a rookie?..i dont remember her.

This ***** looks the same in all of her pictures 

Wack *****.