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Jessica from Portland was not that bad. Not terrible enough to be included with that group. I think Katelyn was if not the worst, in the top 3 worst I've seen.

I agree because Katelynn even lost an elimination that was tailor-made for her.

I dont think Jessica was that bad haha.. She broke Cara's wirst. Big T could never.

She just announced she's officially done with the challenge because she was accepted into her dream culinary school

Watch her come back in two years

I'm happy that she's following her dreams. 

shell be back 

We will see

I don't think she'll be back

I don't think she'll be back

production has a hard on for her yeah but as we see no ones replaceable

good riddance!

No more spoilers for Liz Vazquez 

See you later Tula ❤️

Might come down to the UK so my sister Tula can cook me a meal ❤️


I'm glad she learned to give it up Deelishis. Josh your turn. Fessy your turn. 

No more spoilers for Liz Vazquez 

Ill miss her, but this isn't her show. 

Best of lucks on Cooking School.

I feel bad for Cadenni and the other Big T Tulips.

She's an angel and a saint but not made for the challenge, she's gonna run ex on the beach 7 

Someone hold me 

I'm upset too it's not like she was ever as terrible like tori, Kaycee, josh, Kyle, Devin or fessy or nany 

She's doing the right thing. Doing this show for so long, you start to lose your own identity and then your whole life becomes this show. Like Tori, Josh, Fessy and Devin.

She's finally free.

Not a huge loss but I'll still miss her.

Priscilla and Kelz can take over for Kyle and Big T now

love her as a person but her storyline is the same as Nany and Aneesa's every season and it's annoying so i'm glad she's taking time to train I hope she does well at her cooking school

This is not fair