The Challenge: Season 37 - (Spoilers)

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The Challenge: Season 37 - (Spoilers)

Host: TJ Lavin 

Location: VrsarCroatia

Season: 37th

Departure day for Quarantine: April 11th

Early Speculation:

Cast Diacussion (Spoiler Free):

Spoiler Discussion

Note: This list is subject to change! There will be alternates quarantining with the main cast in the event of a positive COVID-19 test or protocol not being followed. 

International Players

Emanuel Neagu (Survivor Romania)

Emy Alupei (X-Factort & Survivor Romania)

Gábor "Gabo" Szabó (Warsaw Shore)

Hughie Maughan (Big Brother UK)

Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke (Too Hot To Handle 1 Netflix)

Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)

Lauren Coogan (Love Island US 2)

Logan Sampedro (Survivor Spain)

Nam Vo (Ultimate Beast Master)

 Natacha “Tacha” Akide (Big Brother Naija) Priscilla Anyabu (Love Island UK)

Renan Hellemans (Ex on the Beach: Double Dutch)

Tula "Big T" Fazakerley (Shipwrecked)

American Players

Amanda Garcia (Are You The One?)

Aneesa Ferreira (Rea World: Chicago)

Ashley Mitchell (Real World: Explosion)

Christopher “CT” Tamburello (The Real World: Paris)

Corey Lay (12 Dates of Christmas)

Cory Wharton (The Real World: Explosion)

Devin Walker (Are You The One)

Jeremiah White (Love Island US 2) 

Josh Martinez (Big Brother)

Kaycee Clark (Big Brother)

Faysal "Fessy" Shafaat (Big Brother)

Michaela Bradshaw (Survivor)

 Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor)

Nany Gonzalez ( Real World: Las Vegas)

Nelson Thomas ( Are You The One)

Tommy Sheehan (Survivor)


Victoria "Tori Deal" Dehal ( Are You The One)


Season 37 Cast Spoiler Discussion

People that are NOT going to be part of the final cast due to being cut last minute on departure, COVID, having other issues, being alternates or being cut:

- Olivia "Liv" Jawando 

- Ed Eason (The Circle US)

- Amber Borzotra (Big Brother)

- Mark Byron

- Jay Starret

- Michelle Schubert

- Marco Ferri


Dont look below this post if you don't want to know any elimination or DQ spoiler:

People Out


- Tula "Big T" Fazakerley


DISCLAIMER: This is not an official order of who has been sent home, merely an observation based on social network activity. THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS MORE INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE

In order to follow COVID-19 Protocols The Challenge season 37 production has been temporarily Shut Down.

Here is an interview with a producer during Double Agents stating what would cause a shut down in production:

Filming for The Challenge 37 has resumed.

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