The Challenge: Double Agents - Spoilers Disscussion

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OMG not expecting Ashley but not surprised for Joseph

Not Ashley Sad



Amber B is still in yay!

Damn ash lost her groove 

So much for Ash being on her 'on' season. Damn, new female champ is coming though

Not the vevmo mods giving Josh the attention he wanted when he tried to make himself a gif in that photo. He's so forced. 

What was that about Ashley being a top girl this season lol 

How were 2 of the rookie women not in the first elimination? Wonder how Ashley was targeted this early

wtf ash already ?

Do you have any idea if Joseph or Ashley went home first? Either way Queen Natalie Liv and Amber B all made it to episode 3

Joseph was very predictable but damn it Ashley! The pattern is gone now :(

I think she lost to Amber B from gamer and them saying she doing her thing. So is it red skull situation again ?

TrUe EliTe GoDeSS


They haven't done Girl/Guy eliminations on the same day since D30 I doubt they had enough time to do two eliminations already 

Amber B better not be gone

There has been 2 eliminations already and confident that neither took place on the same day


Ugh please let the girls get good elims

How were 2 of the rookie women not in the first elimination? Wonder how Ashley was targeted this early

Ashley has something x2 than the other 14 girls doesn't making her standout more

I could see Wes going for Ash right away after she was tweeting about players pregaming. I wouldn't be surprised if she heard about the rigging winners and tried to get people against him right away



Her network is still more than Wes, Kyle and Josh have made on this show combinded. She could buy and sell all of them. 

Damn! Not who I was hoping for

.Hoping this is some sick joke

Ashley flopp lol

I like Ashley but how she got sent into elimination over 6 rookies and theresa who has little to none connections is so odd. Girl needs to rest 

TrUe EliTe GoDeSS

She probably just got paid 50k+ for one episode, who's the real winner here?

yikes ashley kinda sucks now what happened girl

in all honesty the Joseph Allen guy made no sense.

Joseph going first is hilarious. Like lets be real did anyone not see this coming?

Maybe the living condition suck Nd she said " I'm out" 

Ashley being eliminated first is truly disgusting. 

Damn not Ashley........maybe it's time for her to take a break