The Challenge: Ride or Dies- Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran and Tamara Alfaro

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Tamara is so sweet. 

berna and him wouldve been in the same position unless they won the challenge. no matter how much better berna is than tamara she wasnt going to beat the whole audience helping Horracio/Olivia


can we talk about how better partner berna would be for him? berna used to make him shut up during fights on survivor and im sure she'd do the same here to stay at least one more week 

Neither have good social game Berna annoyed the majority of the cast from last season. They would have been sent in multiple times until they were gone ***umming they were able to get it together and win atleast an elimination.

berna/turbo vs house would've been better than having meek *** Tamara 

What happened to this man? or maybe he was always like this and its just that the more he learns english the more deranged he seems.

Buckwild posting her wedding pics 

Turbo posting these old pics with her days after 

Y'all smell that 

Buckwild posting her wedding pics 

You honestly had me thinking Turbo was banging Becky Buckwild from Flavor of Love for a minute.

Y'all smell that 

1. He has been posting her nonstop since she got married such a weird behavior.

2. He wants to be another Dan Bilzerian on instagram

Ever since he moved to LA, he became a whole different person :/

He's a lost soul these days

What is this? Turbo loool this not it

He's a lost soul these days

He belongs to the streets now

What happens when you spend too much time (and lay in bed) with Britni, Cara and Paulie. Barf

What happens when you spend too much time (and lay in bed) with Britni, Cara and Paulie. Barf

I just know there's like 15 different STDs in that bed.

He's probably advertising ☕️

He's probably advertising ☕️

Personally would rather see his nudes than most the guys who come on here. 

I still say he's in the closet.

Oh- .____.

Turbo said " don't act like idiot now" " I'm going to see you one by one in elimination "

Tamara queen of having more confessionals than Kevin!

Ugh the way I was so happy Turbo won WOTW and now he's just a mess. I see he's gone the Cara/Paulie route of oversharing on social media too lol

The irony of these 3 always posting shit like "lions don't care about the opinions of sheep" and then getting butt hurt over everything people say about them online lmao