The Challenge: Ride or Dies- Get Rich Or Ride Or Die Tryin’

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I thought she was going to say they went on a date to Burger King....


Aw Amber does have friends 

who? What is the tv showing?

It's just Michele

Laurel still outswimming the girlies.


Aw Amber does have friends 

who? What is the tv showing?

Michele venting to her about Laurel and Amber saying Michele is her roomate and they're close or sumn like that. 

I think we all knew Jakk is the weak link in the team holding Laurel back

Oh Nurys isn't a good swimmer

I dont understand why the edit isnt including fessy as to why laurel and michele didnt like each other. Sure, there may be more to it but you cant tell me that didnt play a part. They already showed the footage of them being in his bed so I dont understand

Not Michele beating Laurel

Omg the music 

aneesa looks like a seal when shes flopping on the platform 

Cara could never. Michele's confessionals were remding me of how she could never beat Laurel in a daily but was always on her tail. 

That's what Laurel gets for partnering with a p*rn star

Not Amber and Chauncey DQ 

Amber got a confessional omg

Not another Jordan handicap worshipping confessional

Unless Jordan has a handicap card in his car he ain't special

I'm like 15 minutes late btw, just got done confessing my feelings to a man who doesn't reciprocate them and I'm now in the friend zone and it's really awkward. ✌️ 

Burger King is ***

LMAO Amber laughing at Michele's paranoia I'm giggling

Laurel ❤️ 

Aneesa needs to move her flabby arms

Not Kim and Colleen killing it

So amber is apparently slaying this episode in cameratime?!... hmm maybe I will finally watch my 2nd episode of the season *giggles*

i'm sleep

 Jay and Michele wouldn't be dumb to not put in Bananas and Nany right? Smile