The Challenge: Ride or Die - Terrorist Of Love

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Wait we already at the elimination? Still 40 mins left tf

They're gonna reveal the next twist

Horacio 5-0 damnnnnn. He currently has tied the record right?

Even with a busted lip Horacio still look fine


lmaoo, Tj could barely remember that line

lmaoo, Tj could barely remember that line

Yup lmao

no bc why did TJ have a little attitude before he left 

Amber and Horacio do better without their partners if you ask me

Olivia and Horacio matching in their confessional !

They should've just sent Fessy, Kayzzz, and Aneesa home tbh ;/

Fessy looks pissed lol

lmaoooo TJ spooked him. you know Fessy was regretting all that bs he did w/ Moriah 

Production snapped with this reveal tbh!

im fearful that they're going to do a cliffhanger…

A three way elimination?

kenny and kaycee plus lose. those mole rats have overstayed their welcome

production said they can't let us get even on ep away from the Tori and Jordan nonsense

Jordan lost another elimination....

They need to fix the challenge podcast commercials because Tory and Aneesa are barely on it anymore... give Devyn and Da'Vonne their promo!

Can someone explain what happened please. I'm not able to watch for a while

Naneigh calling out her future brother in law... shady!

Can someone explain what happened please. I'm not able to watch for a while

They did a fun reveal where TJ made Fessy Kayzzz and Aneesa think they were going home bc they didn't have a partner and then brought their partners out. Then those 3 pairs did a stupid elimination where the winner is back in the game (Fessy/Moriah) and the two losing pairs will have one more chance to come back

why did they edit this so long when it clear that moriah and fessy won quickly lmao

second stage ? not a clifhanger lol

i thought it was the same elim until someone loses lol