The Challenge: Invasion- Anika Rashaun

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They passed on Averey for this? A travesty. 

ugh, still makes me mad that multiple girls were chosen and they booted Averey out.....



I have always wonder why she was chosen from any other girl from her Real World season? 

If I was a producer Her and Orlana would be the last two I would have given a challenge spot too. From the originals Jordan, Katrina and Tyara would had been better options to debut than her. 

Jordan was worried about the bathroom the whole season, I don't know if she'd be fun to watch on a Challenge lmaooo.

I still think Jenn, Katrina, and Tyara should get a chance for the girls.

At this point they wouldnt lol

I am just saying why MTV and casting director though it was a good idea to cast her over the other girls from her season that imo would have brought more to the table.

Thought so.

I still think Anika won that elim tbh lol.

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I like Jenna, but really I wish every elimination in the first three episodes would have flipped in the outcome. I'd rather Marie, Latoya, Anika, Anthony, Bruno, Over the others. I don't care for Cory or Theo so I didn't care for the outcome but I love that Theo was just like 'nope' lol


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cause people are rude on here and hide behind the internet to say mean things Sad