The Challenge: Final Reckoning - Angela Babicz

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I'm confused on what sponsers did they have before? Lol

Every show has sponsors some of the challenges have been Under Armor, Universal Studios, Burger king, Sonics, Tmobile, subway, etc. That's why they cant wear clothes with any type of logos unless it's one of their sponsors. That's mostly how this networks gets their money through sponsors/Ads. Hence shows like BGC got cancelled despite still getting decent ratings for a channel like Oxygen but no sponsors wanting to continue sponsoring and insurance becoming higher to covered it after all the legal issues they had behind the scene.

I have never say sponsors dont like her specifically or that's the reason we havent seen her back (yet) but I did heard that after Ex on the beach 2 they losed sponsors hence they continue telling season 3/4 pontetial cast members that they wanted a more fun season instead of a "ratchet" one like season 2. Which is probably the main reason they stopped casting BGC girls for those 2 seasons after. 

Lmaooooo flop, it's what she deserves ❤️


Come for Queen Marie & it's gonna cost ya your bag Smile