The Challenge: Double Agents- Natalie Anderson

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I find her bf so hot 

Who's her mans?

Some bald guy she post on her IG stories all the time




Crazy to think she is older than Evelyn and Evelyn did her debut like 15 years ago

Shes the same age as jenny and cara. So its not that terrible.

I wasn't taking a shot at her it's just crazy to realized how young Evelyn was back then and that she retired like a decade ago when she was like only 23 but for some reason back then she look so much older to me. While now days girls that are her age currently are debuting.

I get what you're saying Pink. I thought Evelyn is about to be in her 40s for that reason. I'm surprised she's in her early 30s

I think it's the heavy make up she uses.

mother hen

She looks like Ruthie Alcaides Bloodline

Reality TV QUEEN

She's coming to fling bitches left and right

Damn, her bf is so hot

Yeah he's fucking hot lol


Slaying production fave in that promo >>>>>

I wonder why she didnt post any of the Challenge related. Usually she was hella excited.


Her mans is FINE AF!

Giving me "i dont wanna be on this show but i want the million survivor didnt give me earlier this year so im here to truck these little anorexic girls over and win" vibes with these cast picture.

one of my fave winners ever.

I wonder why she didnt post any of the Challenge related. Usually she was hella excited.

I guess she is on vacation, but there's an old Survivor pic on her story. It's a little confusing since she was the one campaigning to get cast. 

Yeah I remember after Suvivor finished air she was like "I'm ready to be on the Challenge" then got cast immediately after that lol

I just finish watching Survivor 29 for the 1st time and I'm truly excited to see her now! Her gameplay is dope. I will binge S40. 

She is giving me Victor 

Thank you to the mods for coming in so quick and deleting those spoiler posts, hope nobody else had it ruined for them like I did. 

Heard alot of good things from her. She better deliver.

And as far as her decent. I've seen better.

I find her bf so hot 

I don't wanna spit, I wanna gulp. I wanna gag, I wanna choke. I want him to touch that little dangly thing that swings in the back of my throat.