The Challenge: Double Agents: Kaycee Clark

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I would rather see Vanessa crying baby than her at least Vanessa playing a game. Well there's 0 chance Vanessa will doing this lol 


take notice. she may be telling you a lot, but kaycee is revealing very little. this undercover strategist wants to serve as positive representation for the lgbtq+ community and continue to defy others' preconceived notions of who she is. with plenty of motivation, a proven track record in challenges and eliminations and a sizable group of "big brother" allies in the game, kaycee's a definite contender to take home top prize. she's hoping for a return trip to the final using her purposefully under-the-radar "vague" game play. 


I thought this was Kaycee for a hot sec.

Wack Bitch.

I preferred Kaycee more when her only role on the show was explaining the rules of the daily challenge.

Not only does she lack charisma, she thinks this is a sport and that drama doesn't belong on this show. She's basically Derrick Levasseur if he did The Challenge (god forbid) or Zanatta if you take away everything that would be remotely interesting if you could ever find Zanatta interesting.

Jemmye was right, how this girl was on TV not once but three times makes as much sense as Josh thinking anyone finds him intimidating. And MTV is obsessed with her because they want this show to turn into a sport. Well you know what? If you want this to be a sport so badly, make a deal to put it on ESPN so we can stop watching and be put out of our misery.

She is soooooooo boring

Wack Bitch.

hey maid



I could easily see her getting a 10 season run. 

Baddest bitch on the Challenge.

Wackest furniture on the Challenge.


Wackest furniture on the Challenge.

Yet.. you wandered into her thread after weeks of posts. Weird.



Wackest furniture on the Challenge.

Yet.. you chooose to stan this piece of furniture after weeks of nothing. Weird.




Wackest furniture on the Challenge.

Yet.. you chooose to stan this piece of furniture after weeks of nothing. Weird.

You should be a comedian Smile

Well, you have to give attention to the garbage at least once a week.

Wish Theresa beat her because Theresa is more entertaining but you knew right away with that elimination that Kaycee was going to dominate her

I actually thought Theresa had a shot to beat the couch since T actually has a functioning brain.  I was hoping she would gas out the little gnome.

Bitch ruined this whole season by eliminating Theresa. Stay home furniture!

They should have give them the puzzle one lol

Yeah theresa was never winning that elimination unfortunately


the most boring to ever do it 


the most boring to ever do it 

and she still has people pressed ☕️

Theresa stood no chance against this furniture. She should've got set up against Lolo

Kaycee <3 

You win shit when no one asks or wants you too.

Stay home furniture!

She really just... doesn't add anything to the show lmao

Queen Kaycee.

Good confessionals, killer elimination beast, terrible at trivia. Love a versatile competitor.

Loved that she accepted to go against Theresa. Every other girl would have bitched or got scared