The Challenge: Double Agents- Amber Martinez

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She's definitely the one rookie who is going to try and capitalize the most from this experience. She's already working on that next call..


though small in stature, amber m refuses to let anything hold her back and looks forward to bringing her optimistic energy and competitive intensity to "the challenge." as a competitor on the first-ever sexually fluid season of "are you the one?," amber m showed off her wild side and is sure to bring that same liveliness into headquarters. expect her to give it her all in challenges and eliminations but to also be a savvy and manipulative politician. no matter how the game shakes out, amber is sure to be a source of excitement and drama and a cutthroat competitor on the battlefield. 

Political QUEEN

Just had her on my pod! looking at a Monday release for anyone who’s interested! 

Awesome, will watch. Love the podcasts, keep it up. 

She looks like a teenager who's job is to babysit lol 

Why does this still send me everytime I read

New Pod is up with Amber M on my YouTube!

Did she even get a confessional? 

I know she is embarrassed lmao

I wonder what the people at her viewing party think about her not being shown? So awkward to watch a show where you're not being shown at all

I mean she did eat up her little 2 second confessional before being flung by Kaycee

Why did they even cast her from AYTO? She was super irrelevant on that show too

I think it's adorable that she posts weekly videos of her and her friends watching the episode. I feel bad she gets no screen time but I like her.

Why did they even cast her from AYTO? She was super irrelevant on that show too

She was zzz but looking back she was the most desired girl from her season so being bi maybe they expected her to get into a lot of love storylines. There was potential there from a casting side.

Even amber b gets more screentime than her LOL

She low key was getting in Devins *** lmao

Even amber b gets more screentime than her LOL

Little amber has more cf than big amber so your wrong 

Queenie calling out Marie's ex for the scum he is

and side note been bringing it on social media, aka BMP/MTV cast YOUNGER People

Ive decided i want her back next season. Biggrin

We STAN in this house

Rookie of the year

Now why does Mini Martinez snap when she's actually being shown ?  

I still don't want her back but I appreciate her efforts for being good TV these last two episodes 

LOVE! She handled tori so well very mature 

She's annoying as ****, and lucky she even got a call.

I actually love her.