The Challenge: Champs vs Stars (Spoilers)

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The Challenge: Champs vs Stars (Spoilers)

 Name: Champs vs Stars

About: "The winning team from each challenge will nominate their most valuable player (MVP) who will receive money for their charity, be safe from elimination, and choose their team’s least valuable player (LVP) to go into elimination. The losing team will nominate their own LVP to go into elimination, and the two will compete to keep their spot in the game and ultimately, their share of $150,000 to donate to their beloved charities. The final male and female competitors of the season will endure the ultimate test and the chance to emerge from the pack with all of the glory."

Filming Begins: Saturday, August 5th

Premier: Tuesday, November 21st

Host: Mike "The Miz" ( Challenge Champ/ WWE)


Challenge Cast: 


Aneesa Ferreira (Real World: Chicago)

Ashley Mitchell (Real World: Explosion) 

Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)

Cory Wharton (Real World: Ex-plosion) 

CT Tamburello (Real World: Paris)

Emily Schromm (Real World: D.C) 

Jenna Compano (Real World: Ex-plosion) 

Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio (Real World: Key West) 

Tori Deal (AYTO 4) -Replacement

Wes Bergmann (Real World: Austin) 

Zach Nichols (Real World: San Diego 2) 


Ariane "Cameron" Andrew - WWE

Josh Murray- Reality TV Star (Bachelor Franchise) and Former Pro Baseball Player

Justina Valentine - Wild 'N Out and Rapper

Kim Glass - Olympic athlete

Matt Rife - Wild 'N Out, Comedian and Actor

Michelle Waterson- Mixed Martial Artist for the UFC

RiFF RAFF - Rapper and Reality TV Star 

Romeo Miller "Lil Romeo"- Rapper, reality tv star and actor

Shawn Johnson - Olympic gymnast

Terrell Owens - former NFL player 

All-Stars that declined or weren't contacted:

Abram Boise (Road Rules: South Pacific) - champion

CaraMaria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2) - champion

Devyn Simone (RW: Brooklyn) - finalis

Jillian Zoboroski (Road Rules: X-Treme) - champion

Johanna Bota (Real World: Austin) - champion

Landon Lueck (Real World: Philadelphia) - champion

Nehemiah Clark (Real World: Austin) - champion

Susie Meister (Road Rules: Down Under) - champion

Svetlana Shusterman (Real World: Key West) - finalist

Elimination Order & Spoilers:

- Camila was kicked off the show after getting physical with a producer and acting crazy. Call in the replacement...

- Jenna DQ'd after injury

- Tori replaces Camila, no replacement for Jenna

- Cory eliminated first or second by Matt  

-Bananas, CT, and Emily were the final 3 champions remaining and CHAMPIONS of Champs vs Stars. 

Can definitely see Tori going to the end on XXX. But they're probably counting her AYTOSC finish.

Edit: Nevermind. (Spoilers) was added to the thread title. Legend Tori is a champ. Believe that.

'Tis hopefully a sign most of these******* will be absent from Challenge 31.

When Mitchellegend quits on day 1 but still gets asked back >>>>>>>>>>

I know we don't know winners yet for XXX but Lurker, do you actually think Tori won? Hoping so!

Tori, Derrick, Emily? I'm happy so far.

Emily and derrick yesss ! 


Both seriously all stars? Come on stick to champs vs pro I would assume there plenty more to choose from 

i would rather see frank and Zach San Diego than another Jenna or Cory show . MTV get your shit straight 

Missing and expecting CT, Camilla, Frank S. and Darrell somewhere and what a bummer that Landon and Nehemiah declined. Always great to see nice changes like Emily there.

Mark long , Evelyn , Paula (doubt she would accept though) what about laurel ?

yesssss leroy!!

Mark long , Evelyn , Paula (doubt she would accept though) what about laurel ?

I've heard things about 3/4 mentioned. 

I love Paula hope there's a small chance she's on.

I love Paula hope there's a small chance she's on.

I don't think she was against returning for something like this.

Yikes at Devin being on here 

But isn't that our cast? Minus the pros.

But isn't that our cast? Minus the pros.

There could be more, some of those could be incorrect or alternates. 

LurkerNoMore wrote:

But isn't that our cast? Minus the pros.

There could be more, some of those could be false or alternates as well. 


Tony Hawk coming to bust that good ***. Believe.

ugh wish Landon was on this

Yikes at Devin being on here 

I'm sorry but if Ashley is on this, she really has no business on S31 after that whole debacle on Dirty 30. I know she's smart enough to not put herself through the same stress.

I'm not ******* with the whole politics of it all either way though.

I'm dying, Devin seems so out of place lmao

Jenna<3 hope she's on the final cast!

I'm dying, Devin seems so out of place lmao

They're going up against Pros again apparently so why in the HELL is Devin there?