The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Slamballs and Elbow Brawls

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This went from amusing to embarr***ing real quick, production should feel ashamed for putting this lame *** crew together.

ChallengeFan00 wrote:

lawd onto vendettas. this is tragic does anyone actually care to be there? everyone seems like they’re just waiting for this be over 

 If they dod this again maybe they need to pull a Fresh Meat and just cast some wannabe athletes looking for TV time. These strars don't give a damn or let their ego run them. Get people on this show that hungry. Got something to prove. Maybe go the opposite of fresh meat and get some like, older atheltic people. Like 45+ who are in great shape and do a champs vs gramps season lol. At least the old people will be trying to go HAM to be able to reveal about whooping up on people half their age on tv ! 

hahaha       big breakdown in the  "stars" team, they are sleepwalking, quitting, skipping stuff, volunteering to risk elimination (rather than have one more day of it).  Did  Riff Raff actually skip to go to a party?

'lil Romeo gets a bonk to the noggin and brings in daddy's his posse demanding to see footage ...WHAT THE HELL??  Now that is embarrassing.  Very nervous little cat, bringing his daddy's bouncers to a charity challenge.

It would be great to have a Fresh Meat  2.0  season !     "Champs vs Gramps" hilarous!    They may even be super fans, you know those "fans" who have made it their life work to defend reality people, bring them on, I would love to see them work. 

Don't blame Riff Raff for leaving. His team ignores him just because Romeo sees the light and wants to battle in an elimination.

I normally like CT but he's been slack the last few seasons and he was being way too emotional to TO's crying face. But this season is shit. Definitely should've brought in a male MMA fighter.

OH MY GOD that mma girl is flexible

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

Romeo got a booboo in competetion and went crying to his mommy lol, TO leaves because his feelings got hurt, Riff Raff crying because he cant go to elimination. These stars are a sensitive bunch. The women seem to haves less *****y traits. I like riff raff tho, funny dude

honestly if this show was anymore than 8 episodes long id be out.. but ive already made it halfway minus well continue.

I'm DEAD at Romeo having his bodyguard!

Am I missing something? He thinks he got hit with an intentional elbow... starts the "oh so that's how we play," talk... AND GET HIS BODYGUARD!?!?!?!?  Is that not the ultimate @%$!@# move? It's like the cliche spoiled-rich-brat-Eric-Trump move. Oh man... is that what passes for tough hip hop culture these days?

TO's drama made no sense. Why do 'stars' come on this show if they aren't down for the experience? Do they not watch a few episodes to know what they are getting into? Nobody is here to just see them compete - it's about all the other stuff too.

I guess I have a lot of questions. Anyway... fun challenge!