The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Parkour All Obstacles

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Shoutout to the Pros (LoLouise >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>) for having MTV so shook to the core that they had to nerf the **** out of this season's Stars team.

I can’t with them constantly calling the Stars “athletes.” On Champs vs. Pros, the Pros constantly dominated because they were actual athletes, but this season the Champs are dominating so far. Gee, wonder why?

justina sounds like she smokes a pack a day 

She do though...

they ain’t finna give my girl the cara treatment

justina sounds like she smokes a pack a day 
Justina sounds like Buckwild was her inspiration in 2007

I swear it’s ALWAYS Jenna and Zach that ruined editing on invasion and now this. Like just get to the deliberation and elimination already.

a light sprain? lol

I'm so disgusted with this whole episode right now lmaoooooooooooo

this lil romeo/wes bromance is giving me life

ashley :(((((

dis tew much

Ashley </3

Cray 2

Zzz casual fans about to be cruel af and call Ashley a quitter again. I may go in the Facebook comments tbh and fight *****

this lil romeo/wes bromance is giving me life

When the good sis Jenna is more upset she might have to leave Zach than that she’s losing her chance to win money for her charity. ⚰

Ashley </3:'(

stphmcdnld wrote:
this lil romeo/wes bromance is giving me life

TYGUY14 wrote:
Ashley </3:'(


Ashley </3

Johnnys relationship with Jenna and Ashley ❤️


What a ******* ********

CT.. those glasses need to go!

HonestTea101 wrote:
Morris1721 wrote:I'd go straight for Emily. I have a thing for strong, physical girls who work on a good body. Plus, she can rock s backwards hat like a bad *****. Not afraid to speak her mind and a bad *** competitor? MVP.And Jenna thinking her ankle will be ok? Good for her to be optimistic, but she won't be walking for awhile with that ankle.
I still don't know Emily's sexuality 7 years after DC

Right now she's dating the hottest and sexiest guy imo. Like, I'm jealous ASF


TO is the embodiment of fragile masculinity lol

See T.O hasnt changed at all. What a punk. Can see why he never won a championship.  Always about him. Dude was never a team player

Y’all know he’s getting DRAGGED on social media lol.

Thinking back to Ashley on Explosion it’s so bizarre seeing her in the company of Bananas, CT, Aneesa And Emily. Who woulda thought.

to about to get his **** rocked

jenna still had no emotion , even after getting hurt