The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars - Over the Edge and Under a Bus

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KChallenge10 wrote:

dylan76 wrote:Devin saying someone else is irritating & thinking they're better than everyone else is the bloated pot calling the kettle black.  **** him.  He realized he was invisible without Johnny around so he went for some easy camera time.  

Nah you can tell whenever he gets into it with Bananas or others he's being over the top but this time he seemed genuinely mad and annoyed and just called her out on it. 

I would be mad if I get to set on time and someone shows up eating a pizza with her sunglasses plus a terrible attitude on top of that 30 minutes late

plus she is just annoying as hell

I'll be the first to admit, Hennessy would try the patience  of a saint & i probably couldn't stand to be in her presence, but watching her annoy the **** out of the champs just tickles me.

Devin is still dog shit. A loud, big mouthed fool who probably never got attention as a child.   


Wes is still ugly as ever