The Challenge: Bloodlines - Out for Blood

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Jenna is a quitter. I lose a few IQ points every time she tries to jumble a sentence together 

So are there any working livestreams anywhere this week?

I feel like tonight is Aneesa vs. CM for some reason. I think Aneesa/Rianna will get last since Aneesa sucks at endurance and Rianna is a flop. Then it's between CM and Jenna and Bananas/Cory/Mitch would gladly get rid of Jamie. We'll finally get to see Cara screaming "Shut Up Aneesa". 

Excited to watch this live (= let's go CM & Jamie 

Excited to watch this live (= let's go CM & Jamie 

Let's go Bananas! 

I think either way this elimination is exciting but the thought of Jenna slaughtering Aneesa in something physical will make me pee.


Yay Rianna is shown super early lol 

Rhianna comes in with the clue and Cara Maria has a look on her face that says "...Who the **** are you?"

Let's Go Cory Mitch!

This looks intense.

The only thing more rare than Vince finishing a challenge is a Rhianna confessional 

TJ lowkey shading Jenna lmao

Mini final!!

Ha.  Time for the idiots jenna & brianna to die.  

Let's Go Cory Mitch!

Bring out the puke buckets for these lightweights 

Letmme find out this is Brianna's strongarm

i love the mini final challenges

Rianna carries dunkin doughnut boxes around, not purses

Omg Aneesa/Rianna are first right now 

This is the kind of mission i've been waiting for.

lmao "the grandpas"

I hate how Bananas shade eveyone when he went first out on his first challenge.

goooo anees/rianna