The Challenge: Battle of The Exes 2- Thomas Buell and Hailey Chivers

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Brian was hilarious without him trying to be. Hailey seems just like a normal, down to earth girl and that is always refreshing to see on a challenge with a bunch of crazys. lol I'm glad they chose her over Jamie.
Brian was annoying af. I honestly thought he manipulated Jenny a lot, and I just didn't want to hear his voice again - ever.
Brian was the only tolerable guy on his season but I guess that's not saying much... he was still my fave guy. 
I doubt Brian will not get onto the Challenge, that's just me hoping - really hoping. But I know that it might happen, along with Cory and Jenny (who seriously deserved to be representing Ex-Plosion over the current girls representing them atm), and hopefully I get to see some Ashley M.
To meso things up MTV shouled have had Jamie come on thinking she is with Thomas and then have her ex Cameron there.
Thomas looking like Sweeney here. Hopefully he brings the same amount of drama.
How so? Maybe you saw something I don't remember.

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II | He Said/She Said w/ Hailey & Thomas | MTV

Hailey looks like she could get stomped on easily in that video. She needs to bulk up for next season!
Hailey reminds me of Heather Marter, just a normal down to earth girl. I've always liked her and Tom, he will be better without Jamie.
I see this team being only like, strong on one side and the other, not so much. Jamie would probably be better physically for Thomas, and Hailey... Pretty much everything else, unless she starts putting muscle on that bod of hers. I wouldn't rule out either girls for him in all honesty. But I'm excited to see how these two compete for sure.
Hailey is my wife. I don't care how she performs.
Wow. This girl looks amazing.
Hailey reminds me soooo much of Julie. 
I will fight Lurker to win the Heart of Hailey. No AYT1 refrences here please.
I will fight Lurker to win the Heart of Hailey. No AYT1 refrences here please.
  too late I already voted for them to go into the truth booth. I WANT MY MONEY
I love Hailey. Like if she said "I want to be with you Lurker," I would be on the next flight to Texas.
I wanted to throw up when they claimed they have sexual tension 
Hailey and thomas completed the challenge!!!! woohooo Hailey. awesome sauce!
Hailey was awesome.  I was never a fan of Tom on Explosion but I really liked him last night.
I always knew Hailey had a competitive drive in her
Hailey was is awesome.
Good for Hailey, she did great! But I can't help to just think "when's Thomas getting drink in his face??" like that's all I care about in regards to him! 
Hailey is awesome.
Hailey kicked ass! Love her Smile
They did awesome on the challenge. Good for them. I hope they continue to do well.
And Thomas did awesome as well. good lookin dude with a nice haircut.
TRUE.   Meant about last night but yes.  She IS awesome. 
Hailey kicked ass! Love her Smile
<3 Now that I admitted being a Nany fan, we can be friends, right???