The Challenge: Argentina (Early cast speculation)

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Is Bunim Murray handing this show over to a different production company?

Is Bunim Murray handing this show over to a different production company?

All the international versions are being produced by different production companies from those countries. This is one is being produced by boxfish.

How old is the oldest person here


Also wondering if they're all bilingual. If they actually do the tournament I'd imagine non English speakers are disadvantaged because they can't strategize with English players and translations for puzzles may not make sense.

Virginia is 67 and Fernando 57.

Virginia is 67 and Fernando 57.

67 holy shit that poor grandma 

Maria is my favorite of the hag options but they all look promising. Hope the boring young broads go first

Virginia gonna come in and wreck these******* up. Bet

The Australian cast looks like a challenge season. This? Idk what this is lmao. They might provide so let's see

Those old people could really get injured badly

Ngl I'm really interested  to see how this goes just cause it's so different lmao

Challenge Argentina: Oldies

Challenge Australia: Bachelor and Bachelorette

Challenge UK: ???

They are gonna have so many injuries this season lol

For the uk season I wonder if they'll cast anyone from are you the one UK 

So are we reallly about to watch 5 different sets of cast live in the same house, doing the same challenges, in the same locations?   

I COMPLETELY forgot about UK. Wow that's the one to watch out for! I'm praying so hard for an all BBUK cast 

UK will most likely be Love Island and EOTB.. maybe a few Geordie Shore.. TOWIE.. Idrk any other shows it depends if they cast celebrities from BBUK too