The Challenge: All Stars - What About Your Friends?

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Kendal and Nehemiah both said that Aneesa voted first not last.  Interesting how they edit things sometimes.  

yes, darrell also confirmed it. He said it went nehemiah (who mentioned he wanted to vote in derrick but went for yes), then yes gave his speech, aneesa cast her vote (she flipped and didnt go with the plan), derrick cast his vote (he flipped and didnt go with the plan), jonna and jemmye flipped their votes and didnt go with the plan (darrell said nehemiah shouldnt have mentioned wanting derrick because it gave them a reason to vote derrick) , and by the time darrell voted nehemiah was already going in but darrell likes to play with integrity and shook hands on voting in yes so he still voted in yes.

But why do they make the whole segment of the cast praising Aneesa at the DA reunion? How is she the OG female we are still getting? So many better options but I guess she's the only one that hasn't moved on with her life.

Ew why is this episode generating aneesa praise like tf

Soooo basically Aneesa and Derrick did the same fake shit they do every season because they try to be everyones friend. The only difference is people excuse Derrick for it every season because it usually works out for him smh. Idk why people allow him to slither his was to every final lmao



Did Jisela do her live yet?

yea like 2hrs ago 

Anything good from it?



Was that a rhetorical question? Because nothing good ever comes out of Jisela's mouth.