The Challenge: All Stars- Laterrian Wallace

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His mama is gonna be so mad at him if he hooks up with Aneesa


He's one of my favs from this whole all-stars go around, for sure! Makes me want to find and watch his original season.

Good luck finding his RR season lmao. You'd have a better chance at finding a unicorn tbh. 

I found like one episode on YouTube. Lol

Yeah MVT like does not exist anymore lmao. Except an episode or two

Imagine if this whole time Laterrian was like Kenny and sucking in the regular stuff but dominating finals, but since he never made a real final he never got to show it off.

I didn't though I was going to like him! But he is by far my favorite guy so far. I find him to be one of the most genuine on this cast.

Same!  I thought it was cool he was coming back after so long, but he didn't do much but throw Sarah off a log which in turn helped her earn her title as "Gauntlet Queen" lol so I wasn't super excited like some of the others but he's been a pleasant surprise.  I like that word 'genuine' you used for him. 

I think there's something so sexy about him.  A quiet intimidating intensity, raspy voice, yet polite and nurturing to the women.  The way he stood there with his serious expression with Kendal's hat on him had me dying.  So glad he got  major wins after his poor prior performances.  He said on Derrick's podcast (before I cancelled it lol) that he didn't like how he came across on his previous shows and was just there to party.  He wanted to come back and really take it seriously and redeem himself.

Many of the WTF casting choices from long unheard of castmembers has paid off in a big way this season.  Kendal, Jisela, Arissa, Teck, Yes, LT all have delivered.  BMP should keep this in mind for season 2.

There is something about him that I really like! You can tell that under that tough exterior there is a heart of gold and sweet side to him. Now we are stuck with Derrick and Mark.    

I love how he stepped up to the plate. Hes no pussy

If they are going to bring people back for season 2, I hope he gets a spot.

He is awesome and I'm so glad he was casted. Him, Yes, and Teck were the 3 I knew absolutely nothing about prior to the season and I love him. Teck is awesome as well. Yes is good too but they haven't shown him as much.

he aint deserve dat! king

Robbed and humble unlike Syrus!