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Y'all finally getting Averey back. How many years have you been begging for her to probably disappoint?

Glad queens Ayanna and Janelle are back ofc.

Averey deserves a chance at redemption.

They better not turn this into the L Word cuz of Nicole Z and Laurel

The girls need to target Laurel asap and then Rachel

They want lesbian drama huh? Casting two pairs of exes?

Why is Genesis and alternate? Ugh

Averey period!!

Lmao how pissed is Syrus that hes an alternate again?!

why is Genesis, an OG we have yet to see, an alternate?! But we have zanatta just for the lame laurel drama?! And if those two work together/fight every episode like tori/jordan on ride or dies I will scream. 

are there more I really wish so because my girl Averey gotta get past a few eps and 10 girls already the neaty greedy

Veronica and Ayanna on a show together? Even if they're friendly now seeing them together will be ICONIC

Who beats Brad on this? There's your all stars 4 male winner 

I am happy to see that production doesnt hate janelle after publicly talking about how rigged the final was on season 2

The alternates should only be people who have already been on all stars

I'm so mad about Genesis being an alternate, but thrilled that Flora is back!

Zanatta vs. Laurel first elimination balls in? Can we just get Nicole out ASAP please?

Did Jordan drop or is he in the second batch of unreleased names?

Still no Dan Renzi smh

Zanatta vs. Laurel first elimination balls in? Can we just get Nicole out ASAP please?

she sucks at puzzles right?! Hopefully they keep up with the puzzle heavy season and last place goes in

This will be Flora's first real challenge experience (for the viewers at least) because she was given the Dee treatment in 2002 and edited out almost entirely of Battle of the Seasons 1.

The cast is SO good Omg??? I genuinely don't dislike anyone. So excited for Rachel, Veronica, Janelle and Zanatta with Laurel on is gonna be MESSY!


It's time!

Cant wait for your complains for the ones I am revealing for now lol

PR do you have any inside T on how the **** they got Flora. Miss thang literally in her Mike Lewis interview was saying how stupid the challenge is and how she doesn't care about competition. I'm so confused. Hahah. Happy but confused.

Queen V WILL have her work cut out for her with Flora and Ayanna there LOL. Also seems like Rachel has some tough competition between Janelle, Nicole Z, and Laurel. Eeeep!

I counted 10 RW and 10 RR/FM 


I'll be a little sad if Chadwick does this season without his queen Holly B.

I don't like Zanetta on this. I wish Genesis was on this. They only have 2 alternates? The cast is 20, not 22?

Surprised we got Chadwick but not Holly. Maybe stayed home with their kids.

Ace seems random in this cast especially after how season 1 went down...maybe abe is one the name's pink is withholding since he was supposed to be on a previous season