The Challenge: All Stars 2 (Spoilers)

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The Challenge: All Stars 2 (Spoilers)

Alternates Departure: July 21st

Cast Departure: July 22nd

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Preseason Speculation:

Cast Discussion:

Spoilers Discussion:

Important: This list is subject to change! There will be alternates quarantining with the main cast in the event of a positive COVID-19 test. I will be removing those that don't  make it on throughout the following weeks



Brad Fiorenza (The Real World: San Diego)

Cohutta Grindstaff (The Real World: Sydney)Darrell Taylor (Road Rules : Campus Crawl)Derek Chavez (The Real World: Cancun)Derrick Konsinski (Road Rules: X-Treme)Laterrian Wallace (Road Rules: Max Velocity)Maxie “MJ” Garrett (The Real World: Philadelphia)Nehemiah Clark (The Real World: Austin)Ryan Kehoe (The Challenge: Fresh Meat 1)Steve Meinke (Road Rules: The Quest)Teck Holmes (The Real World: Hawaii)Tyler Duckworth (The Real World: Key West)Girls

Ayanna Mackins (Road Rules: Semester at Sea)

Casey Cooper (The Challenge: Fresh Meat )Jasmine Reynaud (The Real World: Cancun)Janelle Casanave (The Real World: Key West)Jodi Weatherton (Road Rules: X-Treme)Jonna Mannion (The Real World: Cancun)Katie Doyle (Road Rules: The Quest)Kendal Sheppard (Road Rules: Campus crawl)Leah Gillingwater (The Real World: Paris)Melinda Stolp (The Real World: Austin)Sophia Pasqui (Road Rules: The Quest)Tina Barta (Road Rules: South Pacific)

Disclaimer: This post will be update it as more information becomes available.


Alternates on location

- Syrus Yarbrough (The Real World: Boston)

- Brandon Nelson (The Challenge: Fresh Meat)

- Jemmye Carroll (The Real World: New Orleans 2010) 

- Emilee Fitzpatrick (The Real World: Cancun)

If you don't want any type of spoilers don't read below this post

People out/Eliminated


- Leah Gillingwater


Derek Chavez

DISCLAIMER:This is not an official order of who has been sent home, merely an observation based on social network activity. THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS MORE INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE

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