The Challenge: All Stars 2- It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

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If Derek didn't take so long figuring out the first puzzle he actually would have won.  That's pathetic on Nehemiah's part

Ayanna cleared.

I was rooting for Derek C. but he did such a good job in that elimination. Way better than I expected from him.

That was a cute moment between Ayanna and Leah.

Oh shit the life shield is back?!

Ayanna must've slept in her uniform because that ***** came to WIN today!

The preview for next episode looks good.

This was a good episode. The beginning was a little annoying with the Nehemiah vs Derrick but def got better. I'm happy they ended with the elimination and didn't continue onto the next challenge.

That moment between Ayanna and Leah might have been my favorite Challenge moment in forever. You never see such a genuinely heartwarming moment like that on the main show anymore.

Ayanna is such a queen. Now I'm sad we hadn't seen her since Sexes 2.

i cried during both eliminations lmaoooo

That's legit like the nicest moment in the history of the show

ayanna is so funny 

That's legit like the nicest moment in the history of the show

Perfect example of what it means to uplift women.

Great episode. My heart breaks for Derek.

when people ***** about how some of us just want all old school people on the main show, show them this episode and they'll know why

contestant by contestant everyone is just so much more interesting than the main show people. 

I loved how Ayanna helped Leah finish. You just don't see shit like that on that god awful main show. Or probably ever. Ayanna is such a Queen. These people do positive things and it still makes for way more interesting plots than on the main show. I have a feeling I won't miss it at all. Thankfully I have All Stars and pretty soon the amazing LA Homecoming to occupy my time. Spy Kids what?  So done with that steaming shit pile of a season. 

Nehemiah is starting to get Derrick annoying. 

their rivalry is lame. A Johnny/Wes storyline being done by two bland cast members trying too hard to be something they are not. 

deeper, I'm starting to hate Derrick as much as you. 

Spice Girls for the freaking win

Ayanna surprised the crap out of me and I loved every second. She is such a power of goodness in that house.  And she owned the elimination and her helping Leah was a such a sweet moment.

Nehemiah is turning into a JEK - did he over act this much in the past?  Or is he trying to create a fake persona because that's what it's coming off as.  

I so wanted Derek C to have an upset and send Nehemiah home early.  I was sad to see Derek go.  Sad to see Leah go too but I wanted Ayanna to stay more.  

I could use without the extra theatrics of them entering elimination - they're boarding the main show with stuff like that.  

Next week: noooo two of my favs don't get along - be friends Jodi & Tina be friends!   Also is it trouble in paradise for Ayanna and Sophia?!?


Also imagine if this is what Ayanna can do now, how she would have done in eliminations back in the day if she did one of the seasons like The Duel.  Would have been epic. 

Okay I'm already in love with this show. This episode got me emotional.

Poor Derek. That is absolutely horrible. He did a damn good job, so he should be proud. Love the Cancun bond.

As I've always said, Ayanna is guaranteed tv gold. Her moment with Leah was the most beautiful show of female empowerment. When do we ever get this on the Challenge?

Soundtrack awesome. I mean, Alice in Chains, Tears for Fears, yesss...

Next up: it looks like a couple of the best moments from the trailer will be happening. Hmm...



I have never cried watching The Challenge. Today that changed. Such a good episode. Ayanna... you are everything.

Great episode. My heart breaks for Derek.

Now I'm sad hes not on season 3

Kendal dramatically crying took me out, I was laughing so hard. Other than that, Ayanna, and Steve making fun of the outfit this episode didn't do a lot for me. It was centered around my least favorites though. Still 10000x better than the other show. The elimination took up too much time. I'm worried how they are going to fit everything into a 45 minute episode. It's going to be wayyy to rushed. Paramount Minus sucks so bad for not giving us 60 min episodes.

Very emotional episode