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Bytes Podcast features alumni interviews of The Real World, Road Rules & The Challenge, and other reality tv stars. This thread will consist of the podcast links to the interviews. Listed below are  the cast members that we've interviewed. NOW ON ITUNES! 

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Abram RR South Pacific Interview

Aneesa RW Chicago Interview

Arissa- RW Las Vegas Interview

Brianna- RW Hollywood Interview

Brianna- RW Hollywood Interview Part 2

Brooke-RW Denver Interview

Cara- RW Chicago Interview

Coral Interview-PART 1

Coral Interview-PART 2

The Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 6 Recap with Faith

Greg- RW Hollywood Interview

Ibis-RR Xtreme

Irene RW Seattle Interview Part 1

Irene RW Seattle Interview Part 2

Jamie- RW NOLA 1 Interview

Katie- RR The Quest Interview

Kayleigh- The Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 5 Recap Discussion

Kendal- RR Campus Crawl Interview Pt 1

Kendal- RR Campus Crawl Interview Pt 2 

Kendal- RR Campus Crawl Interview Pt 3 

Landon RW Philadelphia Interview

 Leah-RW Paris Interview

Mallory-RW Paris Interview

Marie- RW St. Thomas Interview

Marie- Dirty 30 Elimination Discussion

Marie & Shane- The Challenge Vendettas Episode 1 Recap Discussion

Marie & Kayleigh- The Challenge Vendettas Episode 8 Recap Discussion

Marie & Shane- The Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 1 & 2 Recap Discussion

Melissa- RW NOLA Interview

Nathan- RW Seattle Interview

Nehemiah- RW Austin Interview

Nick- RW Hollywood Interview

Sarah G- RR Campus Crawl Interview

Shane- RR Campus Crawl Interview

Sophia- RR The Quest Interview

Tina- RR South Pacific Interview







Mallory, Steven Hill, Brynn, Raquel, Kelley Wolf, Elka, Blair.  If you need help getting in contact with them, message me. I think I have their social media 

Elka!!! She wanted to return 2 or 3 years ago ❤️


One of my all time favorite RW cast members 

Ace - RW Paris

Dan - RW Miami

Jacquese - RW San Diego

Randy - RW San Diego

Isaac - RW Sydney

Cohutta - RW Sydney

Beth - RW Los Angeles

Ashley L - RW DC

Ashlee - RW NOLA 2

Jonna - RW Cancun

Ayiiia - RW Cancun

Cara - RR South Pacific 

some may be longshots but thanks for doing these. Looking forward to any interview.


Please try to get an interview from Elka. Was just watching the gauntlet last night i love her so much

Sarah - Philly

Parisa - Sydney

Sarah - PhillyParisa - Sydney
We need a Trisha interview tbh. 

Ahhh Kelley accepted??  Awesome!!  

When are the interviews gonna start up? Also can you please ask zach if he talks to svetlana

Adam Royer, Andrew from DC, Jenny, Carley, Brynn, Ryan Leslie, and Gladys, please! 

I'll never forget how Gladys slammed the **** out of Abe lool.

pretty excited for Aviv, JD, Danny, Beth, Naomi, Brianna, Will, Melinda, Arissa, and Nehemiah.

Kelley accepted?  Wow

I had a feeling she may accept.  She always said she had a good experience on the real world and challenge. Not sure why we havent tried for her earlier.  Super excited to hear from her

i'm working with gamer and drew now to set these up. once we're up and rolling we'll keep you guys posted. 

this is awesome!


Very excited for these! Smile

this is awesome!

Could you guys try Evelyn ? I dont think she'll be willing to do it but theres no harm in trying.

Kelley as in Kelley Limp? Isnt she like married to some famous guy now?

private message me a link to her fbook.

Kelley as in Kelley Limp? Isnt she like married to some famous guy now?

yes ma'am she's now Kelley Wolf and married to Scott Wolf. 90s heart throb

private message me a link to her fbook.
Im not sure she even has one.

Can you guys try contacting ayanna or dan seltzer

Christena, Malik, and Brittini! OMFG.

ayanna is not interested. 

Very excited for these! Smile

I personally would love to hear from Nicole, Lori & Malik (Back to New York) if y'all can get them. Jacquese (San Diego), Theo G. (Chicago) & Laterrian (MVT) also.

Tonya, Roni, Elka, Melissa Howard, Donnell, Patrick, Christena, Marybeth, Ivory, Aviv, Johnnie (FM), Chanda, Sandy, Sydney, etc. would be happy to hear interviews from any of them.

Yaaaaas I'd love to hear from Sandy. She had unlimited potiential

Yaaaaas I'd love to hear from Sandy. She had unlimited potiential

Yaaaaas I'd love to hear from Sandy. She had unlimited potiential