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Looks like Paul's HOH wasn't wasted bc he still has HOH. Joy


Where's Grodner's riggage when you need it, coup d'etat, something!!

terrible outcome, i dont like paul, but honestly for him to have some many sheep following him, when hes proven to be a force, just hand him the money already.

I want jess/cody to stay but i dont want another temptation or buyback, theres been too many non eliminations, i wouldnt mind a triple elimination this week. This season just need to be over after jess/cody leaves as soon as possible


Fantasy scenario:

Matt and Raven as pawns, Cody wins the temptation comp, Jess is the third nominee, Mark and Cody get picked for the veto, one of them three win PoV and take down Jess and Raven gets the **** out. 


The only reason paul is remembered last year was because he should have won over nicole but Paul also got lucky since victor was brought back 500 times 

Fantasy scenario: 

jess and Cody straight up on the block, nobody plays temptation competition except them so one is guaranteed safety, the other wins veto (or is taken down), and literally anyone else goes home on Pauls second consecutive HOH. 


Jess/Cody have a chance at winning the game still.... they just need to take Paul out. Once he's out the cult won't know what to do. Mark/Elena will most likely flock towards Jess/Cody making it 6v4 (assuming the other 6 stay together) with Josh just being an annoying **** with no alliance/second player to work with. 

this trash *** edit

Yeah one of mark,  Cody, jess will go home. Cody would use veto on jess over him self 

KennyER wrote:
this trash *** edit

its lit

Paul getting the hero edit again though 


******* QUEEN JESS just called Josh "Forest Gump" IM DEAADDDD

Like jess had such a good chance to stay and she destroyed it

Of course raven brought up her disease girl bye you shoulda been the one evicted tn

Mark, Elena, or Cody for HOV

Raven's weave is tragic...

Mark or Cody for HOH

Raven weave is tragic...

the ***** just looks a mess

Raven is tragic...


Alex and that goodbye message...Girl Bye.

These comps are all trash lol

"Thanks for hating me for absolutely no reason"

Says the girl who hates her for absolutely no reason

I'm ready for disappointment tonight, like watch Matt or Raven win HoH smh

Hoping this game starts picking up because I can't watch the house continue to be up Paul's *** and Raven continue to eat like a hog while lying.

We need an America's HoH

where is the ball pit comp when you need it? or any comp that requires skill?

These ******* dumb...

This is s cool hoh different I like it