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AppleTV+ General Discussion

Anyone have AppleTV+ and watching anything good?

I just finished watching See but sorta lost interest/played it in the background for an episode or 2. It wasn't bad though, i really enjoyed it otherwise. 

I'm currently watching The Morning Show and it's super good imo. 

Next on my list is Dickinson but i'm meh about that so if i don't get around to it for awhile i'm okay with that. 

Anything y'all are watching/recommend?

SERVANT. such a slow burn, but I'm enjoying it.

The morning show was fantastic.

Anyone seen For All Mankind?

I was kind of interested but really haven't heard much by the way of hype. I'm a fan of Ronald D. Moore (e.g. Battlestar;Outlander) as a showrunner. 

Haven't heard anything about For All Mankind. 

I'm more interested in the other AppleTV shows before that one. I finished See and TMS, was gonna work on Dickinson but after watching the trailer for Truth Be Told i'm more interested in that... hmm 

Edit: started Servant and i'm only 2 episodes in but i'm hooked already. i also love the fact it's only 30 minute episodes.