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The Weeds I love has returned! Tonight's episode was great because I got to see things that reminded me this is not your standard cable fare. I mean no regular cable show is going to have a (funny) sketch with **** stars naked where the male lead has to leave the set because of flatulence during an intercourse scene. That just wouldn't get past the censors on your normal network ....lol. The political jabbing was fresh and really made me laugh with the not so hidden attacks on the religious right. I mean does anyone [B]REALLY[/B] believe man lived at the same time as the Dinosaurs??? [SIZE=-1]The best part was [URL="http://www.starsmix.com/celeb_picture/5mary-louise_parker02_jpg.jpg"]Mary Louise Parker[/URL] was extra hot tonight![/SIZE] Especially when......er.....well you know.....that scene with the underwear coming off...... I think the death of U-Turn was the best thing that could have happened to this series and I am actually looking forward to the next episode for the first time in a long time!
Okay I watched a rerun tonight. This show was fresh and funny, the way things used to be! And you're right MLP did look hawt tonight. Although I did think that her ****** the bossman was kind of random. Next week looks like more trouble may be on the way, as the find the body of the DEA guy!
Oh, and I was wondering... the Latino dudes told her and Marvin they can't sell weed anywhere anymore. So I wonder between her new job and that warning, does this mean she'll be going straight?? Because that kind of defeats the purpose of the show.....
There is no way that she is going straight! As you alluded, the title of the show is Weeds! She needs to support the lifestyle she is accustom. We will soon see her stray back to dealing in some capacity. I bet she loses her job for one reason or another. I am already predicting that the season finale has something to do with her getting in trouble and being in a sticky situation with the Latinos. Lets hope it is not [B][I]that[/I][/B] obvious...
It looks like Weeds is working its way back to its roots. I am not sure if that is a good thing. Last nights episode brought the return of our heroine to the low stakes world of pot dealing, again. This time around the city of Agrestic is footing the bill. Our favorite City Council Man (Kevin Nealon) has raided the town's coffers and provided a $50,000 investment fund for the purchase and distribution of marijuana. Silas and his new annoying God hippie girlfriend are the primary dealers within Nancy's ring which seems like an overreaching attempt to bring us back to the Zen of season one. One might ask, what is up with the Mexicans not caring about Nancy dealing in Majestic which happens to be 3 times bigger then Agrestic and surrounds it on 3 sides? Did this all fall into place to easily? Also, the writers really got Nancy out of all those bad situations quickly! First U-Turn bit it and then only two weeks later the body of her husband who she had murdered is found only to be swept under the rug by a police department cover up? I think they piled so much stuff on at the end of last season that it is hard navigating the waters this year. Even though I think agree with place the show is trying to bring us (away from here!) I am not sure I agree with the path. Maybe next week will be more my speed. I really wasn't impressed by the foot fetish side story, nor the Celia & Sullivan hookup (They were really pushing for Emmy there!)
Dang it, I forgot the spoilers warning!! I haven't seen the new ep yet!
Better watch it now :)
K, I finally watched it. Btw, Nancy didn't have him killed, Conrad's aunt did. You're right about everything being resolved a little too neatly. I want to know why she was stalking his first wife and drawing her and what not??
[QUOTE]Btw, Nancy didn't have him killed, Conrad's aunt did[/QUOTE] That's right. No matter though.....as Nancy probably wanted him killed at that time anyway with all that was going on! I have no idea what that stalking thing is all about. Guess we will have to wait till Monday to find out (with her breasts smooched in the mamogram x-ray machine!) [B]Random fact:[/B] That ex-wife is also on Dirty Sexy Money. She was the mother to Brian's child who left to go to Brazil.
What is going on with stalker girl Nancy and the dead husbands ex-wife Valerie? I just don't get this at all. It follows no logical path and is not in the least bit entertaining or funny. Very misguided. I can see Dean being injured as a last ditch effort to keep him in the script. He was really fading from the show and now that he needs to be taken care of (and they made it abundantly clear there was no one but Celia) he will regain a little prominence. Tara was annoying as usual. Where is that drive-by I have been asking for? The Olsen bag lady needs to go! The only thing redeeming about this episode was the ending. Great move by Doug to stick it to Sullivan. I loved the Robot remix dance as well!
Oh silly me, once again I completely forgot to watch! I usually watch the Hills in that timeslot and then catch a rerun of Weeds, but last night the Hills didn't even have a new ep and I still forgot! I ended up watching the Yankees hopes and dreams get crushed instead, lol.
[QUOTE]Oh silly me, once again I completely forgot to watch! [/QUOTE] Well, when you do see it make sure to come back and share your thoughts :) It is crazy that we are almost to the end of this season and it really hasn't gone anywhere! [I]Only 3 epiosdes left...[/I]
The Nancy/Valerie friendship is bizarre. One day Nancy decides to stalk her, then the next they are BFF? Makes no sense at all. I mean, I realize Nancy probably needs friends who don't shoot her walls in the house or throw thousands of dollars of crops away like Celia, but this storyline really is out of left field. The only thing I can think of is that it's going to lead to something such as... A. Valerie figures out they were married. B. Valerie figures out that Nancy is a drug dealer. C. Valerie links Nancy to his murder. D. All of the above As for Doug doing the robot, I have to say that I love love love him!! Hee hee. Oh ya, and as for Tara, it's fundamentalist born again Christians like her who make me want to become Jewish. Hee hee.
It looks from the preview that Nancy is going to try and get his life insurance (or something like that.) Maybe this is where the story will tie together. No matter what, it is just stupid and I am not that interested. I have been carefully watching the episode ratings over on tv.com and they have been going down, down down...
I think the wheels are really falling off this Weeds wagon. I am totally disenchanted with the story line. I mean come on, what is up with Nancy willingly giving 100+ G's to the DEA Agents' ex-wife when she is the legal wife who is entitled to the cash? No one has the goods on her and she could be free and clear with that cash if she wanted to be. Umm....not gonna happen with the broke Nancy I know and love. If you don't believe in that premise then it is hard to believe that all of a sudden Majestic is going to audit Agrestic and they then need $100,000 it just so happens that next day so Nancy can no longer afford to pay the ex money she would never give her in the first place (beyond this crazy scenario the starved writers have brought us.) I just don't like or buy the entire thing and hope that the plot moves quickly so that I do not have to suffer much longer. I really don't have much to comment on this week about the show itself. It was just one giant train wreck.
I guess the show has seriously never re captured what drew me in season one. But I'll more than likely see it through, because there's still some funny moments. We need more Doug!
I pretty much only use this space to complain about the writing behind the latest string of Weeds episodes and today is no different. Overall the Cankles episode was the low of the season and I did not laugh once - [I]not even a chuckle or slight grin.[/I] However, I did spend a large amount of time really wishing I was watching something else but feeling obligated to continue viewing because I have seen every previous episode and am not a quitter! I can't wait until this season is over. It is so sad. Maybe we will get lucky and they will cancel it so that I am not "forced" to waste a half hour a week for another 13 weeks on this absolute junk. I think they have just written themselves out of a show. I really don't have much to say about this episode as it was all quite bad and I would not know where to start. I might just begin reading recaps rather then watching in the future and spend that half hour doing something more entertaining like counting ceiling tiles...
I was watching the Hills and didn't see it. Maybe I won't even bother. I'm with you, we should just read recaps and if it sounds like it was actually a good ep, THEN we should tune in. :)
P.S. Didn't weeds used to be an hour long, like in season 1 and stuff?? Or am I crazy. No matter though, one of the show's saving graces is that its at least only a half hour of this crap.
I am quite sure it was always a half an hour. It used to be really, really good. I watched the first full season on DVD to get caught up for the beginning of season two and it was my favorite show right after Lost. Season 2 was excited, albeit not as good as Season 1. Now it is the worst television program that I continue to watch. Crazy how something can become so useless so fast! It just dropped right off my radar. I am going to have to find out if there were writers that quit or something like that, as it doesn't even feel like the same show!
Maybe next year it will bounce back better than ever??? :D
I was just skimming through the recorded shows on my DVR today and noticed Weeds. I totally forgot it was on last night. That is not a good sign... I will try and watch it later today, but it is not a high priority.
I haven't watched either. I'm just over it.
I watched five minutes of it last night, realized TMZ Television was on and switched over to that instead. There was a serious "Who Cares" moment going on and I said screw it...
I ended up watching it last night. Nancy sure is getting around... her and Conrad end up doin the dirty...
[quote=Katiedid;1604]I ended up watching it last night. Nancy sure is getting around... her and Conrad end up doin the dirty...[/quote] I just forced myself to watch the episode and it was [I]Bleh....[/I] Next week's preview looks [I]Bleh...[/I] And the series prognosis is [I]Bleh...[/I]
This just in: [QUOTE]Showtime is still high on "Weeds." The premium cable network has renewed the comedy series for a fourth season, ordering 13 new episodes. The half-hour series, starring Mary-Louise Parker as a pot-dealing widowed mother in the suburbs, is targeted to go into production in April for a summer debut. "Weeds" ranks as Showtime's most-watched original comedy series, with Season 3 currently outperforming the previous season by 19%, according to Nielsen Media Research. Season 3 also is Showtime's most-watched original series among adults 18-34, a demographic coveted by advertisers.[/QUOTE]
I found this to be the most agreeable episode in weeks, but unfortunately that does not in any way redeem months of lifeless scripts. The whole thing about Shane seeing his dead dad was more sad then goofy - [I]which I think was the angle they were going for. [/I]I knew there had to be something weird going on as when he spoke to the camera it just didn't make sense that the producers would break the 4th Wall and actually have a character talk directly to the audience. It is just not the style of this series. [B]As for the rest of the episode: [/B]The cross micro plot was marginally funny. The fact that Sullivan is a pot head was a semi interesting aside. I actually like the fact that it looks like Nancy will go to the Mexicans to beat up those white trash bikers. I think that might just be enough of a hook to get me to tune in for another week. Only two episodes left...
Remind me never to be a drug dealer. It seems so stressful! So the bikers are going to come after her and her peeps now just because she didn't like their product??? That's very unreasonable! I don't know what is up with Shane, poor kid. He has been largely ignored by the fam this season, poor lil guy.
Did you know that Shane (Alexander Gould) was both the voice of Nemo -[I]in Finding Nemo[/I]- and Bambi -[I]in Bambi II?[/I] Oh, never mind! - you probably did being that seems to be your genre of choice. ;) In all seriousness, he seems to be a very smart kid. He will probably end up doing **** when he is all grown up like most smart child actors end up doing when they are all washed up...
I finally feel like this show it going somewhere! To bad there is only one episode left. I think that they have finally escaped from all of last seasons cliffhangers. Nothing like writing yourself into a corner for 95% of the season... I am not saying that this episode was really good, just not bad. I think that the gloom and doom predictability starts to wear on me over time. Maybe this premise was just not designed to be stretched this far? Not that it matters as there will be a season 4. Quick thoughts: [LIST] [*]I think the way that they found the cross was pretty funny. You had to assume that eventually they would be going somewhere with that storyline even though I have never understood why Sullivan would give a rats *** about a cross. [*]I wonder if Jeffery Dean Morgan (who plays Judah) will make an appearance. There has to be something to Shane seeing him. [*]I am guessing that the fires are the saving grace that gets them out of this situation, but not until next year when all the evidence goes up in smoke! [*]Maybe that tween idol Olson chick will perish in the flames too! We could only be so lucky...[/LIST]