Vevmo Fantasy Football: 2011

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Vevmo Fantasy Football: 2011
It is that time of year again. The NFL officially kicks off the season in one month. [B]League Name:[/B] VEVMO SPORTS [B]League Type:[/B] Private [B]Draft Date:[/B] September 04, 2011, 8:30 PM ET [B]Draft Style:[/B] Live Draft If you are interested in joining, just make note of that in this thread and I will send you the league password. One you have the password, click on the link below and create your team. [CENTER][B][SIZE="6"][URL=""]League Link[/URL][/SIZE][/B] [/CENTER] [INDENT] [url=][img][/img][/url][/INDENT]
Count me in
I'm in, have never done cbs fantasy, hope it's easy to handle like espn.
Ok. And I will participate in this one, I love me some football :)
[QUOTE=Spinner554;268251]Ok. And I will participate in this one, I love me some football :)[/QUOTE] Perhaps you missed the tag Bacchus added... [url=][img][/img][/url]
Im in
[QUOTE=molds13;268252]Perhaps you missed the tag Bacchus added...[/quote] I saw it, but I figured I'd try. I am into football more than baseball so..
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I'm ready for some football!!
I'm in!
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The Brees Knees is all set and ready for the draft.
I would like to play if there are spots open
If you got space, count me in and 2 Liuget 2 Quit is in
Im in
Me! Glad this league isn't a keeper because I would've had a hard time deciding between A. Foster and Vick.
Three slots left. Get 'em while they're hot!
Done and done! Prepare to win ;)
Only two spots left. At this point, it's a free for all. [B]Link: [/B][URL=""]Vevmo Sports[/URL] [B]Password: [/B]spinner
Got my spot.
The roster is full. Good luck everyone!
I want to make sure I know who is who so help me fill in the blanks... Cutty Sarks - Bacchus Cincinnati Cybermen - Tatertots boom bazooka joe - Lionsfan Burrested Development - MF41590 Fabulous Footballers - Fabulous The Brees Knees - Insider Jackalope Herd - Aereas 2 Liuget 2 Quit - bgstl77 sewell eagles - flyers014 revis island - jbo29j $crilla - morris614 Dream Team - afuNk13 [B]Note: [/B]In baseball MF is Dream team so that is where it starts getting confusing, not to mention I was sure jbo29j's team would be called, "The MVP Bautistas." [B]Edit:[/B] Added Morris614; Added jbo29j. Added afuNk13. Added flyers014.
Scrilla is I.
[QUOTE=morris614;270113]Scrilla is I.[/QUOTE] Duly noted.
[QUOTE=Bacchus;270110]I was sure jbo29j's team would be called, "The MVP Bautistas." [/QUOTE] I'm Revis island though your name for me works a lot better
I'm dream team, and didn't know someone else used dream team in baseball, my bad!
I guess that would mean flyers014 would be the obvious choice for sewell eagles?
Yea that is me I am sorry I wasn't on this weekend had to much going on.