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Top Chef Miami
Does anyone here watch Top Chef? I think this season has been great (and I have watched them all!) The level of talent dwarfs last seasons marginal gourmets, and the challenges and guest judges have also been of a much higher quality. I just finished the latest episode and think they have a really good group of Chefs going into the finale.
[COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I watch this. I was surprised to see who went and who stayed. [I](this is a no spoiler section, right?)[/I] I would love to grab Hueng by his slimmy neck and beat the crap out of him. What a smug jerk! I think Casey is growing on me. I used to think she was in wayyyy over her head. Dale... eh. Not crazy about his dishes. They never look appealing to me. Brian.... he's kind of mental, don't you think?[/FONT][/COLOR]
**I just moved this over to Discussion from the Lounge so we can say what we like. I was really surprised Trey went so early. He seemed to be the main competition for Hung. I agree that Hung is a royal pain, but you have to give him props for his culinary skills. Casey has also grown on me and I was glad that she made it through to the finals. Although she is not classically trained, her dishes seem simple and appealing. I am not a fan of Dale's food either, but it was a toss up between him and Brian last week as I knew one of the two would go. They were not going to get rid of their winner (my Guess is Hung is pre-ordained after the outcry last year over the "Sizzler level chef" winning) and needed to keep one women around for window dressing in the finale :) Brian was interesting personality wise, but they had his number in the last elimination challenge. The whole part about letting the guest decide what they should put on their meal was a fatal error. A good chef will not even put salt and pepper on the table, let alone give a variety of cheeses to choose from!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkRed"]I agree about Brian. That whole cheese thing was dumb. And when he tried to explain it, all he ended up doing was talking about how good the Gorgonzola and Roquefort were.... but not [I]why[/I] he used both of them in the first place. Trey was good but he seemed to be talking out of his butt a few times... Remember the "I can make bread pudding in my sleep" line? Then later it's "I don't usually make bread pudding.." Huh? I liked C.J. I think I am the minority on that. So next week is the finale?[/COLOR][/FONT]
I also liked CJ, but this competition was to [I]tall[/I] of an[I] order [/I]for his culinary skills..... **oh!...oh!...two really bad puns in one sentence! That takes work!** Yes, the finale is Wednesday night.