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Sloppy writing. Like Peter supposed to be in Eichen House, but last night episode kinda showed, no way. Like they use character when its suitable, but does not make sense. 

Where is that 3 eyed guy? Random af/ Derek is gone too, Isaac too. Like they did that big thing for Alison but others, do not give a ******

If they want to get rid off characters, its nice to say atleast something, (they probably did with Derek and Isaac but still)

I amso tired of seeing Lydia always so weak and in trouble, everybody has to save her. They Scott is just useless. 

I loved first couple of seasons, where it was funny but cool too, now its just tragic. Like where is coach?

done with this show. 

I heard they are doing a new season like wtf

Last season :( 

Who's excited cause Teen Wolf is BACK?!

I am a little bit but they need to stop. The said last ******* year season 5 was the end.