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Has anyone checked out this show? I honestly think its one of the best dramas on tv right now. Its constant non stop plot twists... think of it as a insane soap opera with a high budget and a political backdrop. The series focuses on Olivia Pope and Associates... a firm that solves clients problems so that they don't have to deal with the scandals before the public find out about them. At least thats what it started off as. Then, as the series progresses, we learn Olivia has an ongoing affair with the president and that the new employee has many secrets of her own. By the second season, ****** hits the fan. There are assassins being hired to kill political figures (one being the President!), electoral rigging being held secret from the pres, a ton of flashbacks that reveal more shocking twists... honestly, its probably one of the hardest shows to describe to someone haha Check it out if you get the chance! If you like a good crazy drama... this is the best one out there!

I looooooooveee this show! At first, I thought it was only for 30 year old women but it's actually really good.
haha same! I was like "Oh great, another Shonda Rhimes show... which all seem to be consistent of a bunch of hot young co-workers going in and out of relationships..." And while there may still be some of that, it's so much more interesting! I hate political stuff, but this show has made me love it (maybe because the Pres is an adulterer/murderer lol)
Now this is a good series.
This show really lives up to its name... I mean really. Every episode has at least two jaw-dropping twists. The episode tonight for instance had [spoiler]the President behind Jake spying on Olivia, a man running for governor sleeping with his brothers wife of 10 years, the director of the CIA leaking information about the military to terrorists and then placing the blame on former US Attorney David Rosen.[/spoiler] I can't get enough of it!!! It's the most addictive thing i've ever watched!! Even better than Revenge! (which was going a bit downhill until last sunday's ep) :O
told you. scandal is off the hook.
I already knew Scandal was crazy good! :P lmao I was into Scandal when it began! It wasn't as crazy as this season but I still thought Shonda had a gem on her hands... and now look at it! Having Grey's as its lead in really helped with the ratings and its doing phenomenally for its sophomore season. I feel were gonna get a lot more Scandal! Buckle up!! :D
This has been one of, if not the best season of television i've ever seen... And it just keeps getting better!!! So many twists and turns... drama is all the time... and the cases really live up to the show's name. I can't wait to see what they have planned for next season with the re-election in the midst. Heck, I can't even wait to see what will happen in the last 5 minutes of the finale!! Sounds insane!! I love this show!! [video=youtube;IYJ2GkaDbkM][/video]
I feel like the show has been losing steam ever since the President found out about defiance and that whole storyline affectively end. I'm still watching but I have to admit that I don't really understand whats going on at this point. I should really go back and re-watch some of the episodes. I blame the mid season break, I hate them.
haha yeah, it's definitely a bit of struggle to follow along... at this point there are so many characters doing so many different things but somehow they are all connected.. i need to chart out this whole plot! lol Personally there have been many highlights of the season, but I don't think it has lost steam at all.. each episode this season has brought tons of drama and twists! I also liked how it was like two seasons in one.. the first half is all about defiance while the second is all about the white house mole (which i did not see coming!! wow!!)... this kept it extremely fresh with new plots starting up in January (the whole Jake Ballard thing) Shonda definitely has a huge hit on her hands... way better than Grey's at the moment (what happened with that show? too many main characters and it's so boring now)
(no big/major spoilers) FINALE... LAST 5 SECONDS... OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGG DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL!!! :O Holy mannnnn what the heck!?! That was such an amazing finale!! so fast paced, storylines all closed up neatly (though it feels like the characters are going back to where they started... hopefully they can get it right this time after all the mistakes they did this season)... and it brought on more twists and a possible re-election next season that will definitely become main storylines! So excited!! Sometimes I can't handle this show... Shonda is making me feel like Cyrus in the finale, but for like every episode haha too many plot twists to grasp!
[CENTER]OMG ITS ALMOST BACK!!!! This show is fkunicg amazing!!!! [video=youtube;r7OIfKg5XRQ][/video] EDIT: HA kerry's face is hilarious in that thumbnail[/CENTER]
Anyone see the premiere?? FLIPPING AMAZING!!! I love this crazy show sooo much... also now ABC's biggest hit behind Modern Fam... so happy this found an audience because I was scared for it during the first season
[QUOTE=202mitch;370707]Anyone see the premiere?? FLIPPING AMAZING!!! I love this crazy show sooo much... also now ABC's biggest hit behind Modern Fam... so happy this found an audience because I was scared for it during the first season[/QUOTE] im right there with ya haha, i love this show.
WTFFFFFFF.... that was like a finale last night!!!!??? So many twists and turns! [spoiler]So we knew that the plane Fitz shot down, the one B613 gave the order to, or better yet Olivia's father, killed Olivia's mother ... now we find out that the plane originally had a bomb on it, that would detonate in London possibly starting WW3... Fitz's father tried to cover it all up... and Rowan got Olivia's mother off it before it took off... only to keep her captive for 20 years without Olivia's knowledge at all. Then we find out the super conservative vice pres, Sally, who's running for office next term has a closeted husband who is flirting with James... Cyrus' husband... and it looks as if Cyrus is gonna let the possible affair continue just to take down Sally in the next election And then we find out Mellie was raped by Fitz's father and that her first born was actually his (well we assume based on that ending)[/spoiler] Wow... i mean... i know this is pretty much a "soap opera"... but this ep just took it to a whole new level
This show is gonna give me a heart attack... so many twists. In case you missed last night, [spoiler]Liv's Mother is apparently even more psycho than her father, reason unknown, and now she has escaped from captivity to find her daughter, and she did! ahhh.... also Quinn is in trouble with Huck... he knows her B613 secret... and James found out about Cyrus' plan to make him hook up with the Vice Pres.' husband... and Olivia may be pregos with the Fitz's baby after their Vermont excursion... and Harrison slept with Phoebe's sis/daughter and now Phoebe's no longer running for state since her sis/daughter messed up and tried to screw the opposition and Phoebe didn't want to fire her, so she took the blame[/spoiler] ... Oh and in 2 weeks the insane winter Finale is gonna happen and it looks GOOD! [video=youtube;TbTDEkOeC-Y][/video]
okay someone... anyone... who is watching Scandal?! And did you just witness that explosive winter finale... those last few twists are gonna be agonizing to wait for until it returns in feb! [spoiler]The POTUS and Jake's new B613 agenda and Mama Pope's new targets look CRAZY[/spoiler]

OMAGAWDDDDD SCANDAL IS BACK AND IM SO HAPPY AND WEEEEEE!!! hahaha I needed Olivia Pope back in my life... gonna be so good this season... it was nice to tone down the drama for the premiere though. Last season was just off the rails.. its nice to go back to its roots. I hope for some good story arcs and the return of the procedural format.


Hands down not only the best Scandal scene OF ALL TIME! But the best scene I've ever seen on television. 

Olivia & Fitz give me life! I want a relationship like this. No one has ever called me and talked dirty to the point I get turned on. Like what is life?!

When he said now he'll kiss her so she can taste yourself, I got so weak. I need to know her secret. How does she get these white men so hooked on her. I mean I don't do that bad, but none of them have money like Fitz and Jake though so she has me beat.

Olivia Pope has officially become my idol and I'm changing my life around to become just like her next year. Consider it handled lmao Smile 

I just can't with Fitz right now... if I liked both of them, that scene would've been amazing... but Fitz has been ******* me off all season so this did nothing. I'm sick and tired of Olitz.... Jake and Olivia needs to continue Blum 3 at least for now... we only got a snippet really at the beginning! Pope needs to wear the pants... not Fitz

Ehhhhh I like Jake, but Fitz is everything! Despite the wife.... and kids. He's just my type of guy. I love them together and their passion is insane! Liv has way more passion with Fitz than Jake. Jake is just another cute face lol 

the fact that fitz believed a single word papa pope said... ugh i wanted to punch fitz sooooo bad. Like really, how stupid can you be? I know you hate Jake and everything, but REALLY? I also can't believe Olivia fell for that act too... like give me a breaakkkk she's smarter than that haha

Ahhhhhhhhhhh #WhereIsOlivia?!?! 

Best.Winter.Finale.EVER. Shonda Rhimes slays me every week! I need Jan 29 like NOW! Thank you! 

Kerry Washington is such a great actress, so is papa pope. But I burst out laughing at "you shot me". Every time he repeated it, I was closer to passing out.

Kerry Washington is such a great actress, so is papa pope. But I burst out laughing at "you shot me". Every time he repeated it, I was closer to passing out.

Their phenomenal actors! He be playin her everytime. I die. I need her to do better. After she is found lmao