Real World: New Orleans 2- Ryan Leslie

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I was absolute shook when Ryan said that he wasn't asked to do the Challenge after his season. It is such a shame. He also looks like 25 and much more mature. Good for him! Thanks to Mike Lewis for such awesome podcast

He's a known liar so who knows if that is true. If it is true, I don't blame the network for not wanting to deal with him anymore.

As much as he thinks he has matured, I see little growth in the interview. Just because you have kids and don't drink doesn't make you mature.

That's true, he used to lie a lot. But maybe he changed, who knows. I wish they did Back to New Orleans reunion, he said he would do a 2 weeks thing. It would be very interesting to see him interacting with Jemmye lol   

When I saw this season, I always preffered him over Peeston and Knight whom kept bullying him into coming out of the closet.  It is nobody's business but his.  If the Challenge has a Rivals 4 then by all means team up Peeston with the one and only Ryan L.