Real World Hollywood: Greg Halstead

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He responded to one of my comments on his YouTube interview with Mike Lewis lol. >>>>> 

made me upset we never saw him on a challenge. I really wanted to see him and Will on Rivals. 

in case y'all didn't see the King.

Hope you guys enjoy/enjoyed this interview! Please do subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t and send guest requests. Ryan Leslie and Greg back to back still feels like a fever dream

Oh my god. I completely forgot about this guy. The Hollywood cast aside from Kimberly were just pretty much... cast aside and forgotten about. Beautiful Britini kicked butt on Duel 2 though.

Was he hated only by his house or by viewers too?

Didn't vevmo hate this guy? What was the story. I remember when molds was the pink rose, nobody was allowed to mention this person.