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[QUOTE=bsteve;146679]yeah that is it! They had bios under the pic![/QUOTE] Yeah, that's been on MTV for over a month now.
Most cast members have Facebook Fan Pages now and are trying to keep in touch with fans while keeping their personal profiles.. well, personal. Here ya go: [URL="**********70?ref=ts"]Andrew[/URL] [URL="**********22?ref=search&sid=19******.****204089..1"]Emily[/URL] [URL="**********37?ref=search&sid=19******.****519669..1"]Mike[/URL] [URL="**********01?ref=search&sid=19******.****83396..1"]Callie[/URL] [URL="**********57?v=info&ref=search"]Erika[/URL] Since they can't tell ya... I will :)
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A group no8 pic [url][/url]
One of my high school friends said in his facebook status that he saw.. Andrew, Callie, and Emily at a club he attended in Buffalo.. he mentioned that Andrew is even funnier in person, and that Callie and Emily were just wild.. lol lucky dude..
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I believe Bronne also did the appearance with them as well.
Just found this, I don't know if it is new to the site or not, but it is a blog site the neighbor across the street did while the filming was occuring during DC. It is mostly about how when he and people he knew would run into the cast or spotted them doing random activites during the filming. It's completely ANTI real world DC, but I read most of it and thought the random stories and "outsider" pics were pretty cool. This guy definitely hated the fact that they lived next to him, and the blog also tells stories about how much the cast was pretty much hated on from DC residents during the filming. SO... if you are just bored and want to read something interesting and kind of funny from this guys perspective on RWDC, go here and read, but keep in mind this guy hates the cast haha. Heres the blog site: [URL=""][url][/url][/URL] Apparently, the site has moved to its own domain name, here is (I'm guessing) the continutation of the blog: [URL=""][url][/url][/URL] Enjoy!
[QUOTE=DupontDan;95431]Umm... that is one of the most idiotic things I have seen posted. Let me guess - you've never met a gay person?[/QUOTE] No I think she means that usually the real world (and I def. agree) puts not as attractive gay men on there. Like of course there somewhat attractive but compared to the straight other men on the cast they are not very attractive, and usually the ones who are very attractive (Karamo, Tyler, Davis, JD) are the ones who are the most unattractive on the inside. Just saying... But I mean really the only buff gay guys I've ever seen on the real world were Davis, Tyler, and now Mike. Usually when they cast a gay guy in case you haven't noticed there either an ultra feminine twink (Simon, Derek, Willie, any gay guy from the 90's seasons) or there like a pretty boy model type (Chris, Danny, JD). I'd like to see more un-stereotypical acting gay men on these shows. I bet now there gonna start casting more guys who remind them of Mike when they cast for gay men bc they realize how many gay viewers tune in to see him, and how many straight people are intrigued by him.
Quick question..Did the Real World D.C cast ever take a vacation? Now that I look back on the season, I can't seem to recall one...that is weird!
There hasn't been a vacation since Hollywood. Sydney, Brooklyn, Cancun, and DC didn't have vacations.
Really- Nicest: Callie and Mike come to mind for that. Prettiest: Callie, Ayiia, Jonna, Baya, Brianna, and Brittini come to mind for that.
[QUOTE=Npresh24;171468]Really- Nicest: Callie and Mike come to mind for that. Prettiest: Callie, Ayiia, Jonna, Baya, Brianna, and Brittini come to mind for that.[/QUOTE] Definitely Callie. Prettiest: Ashley's way prettier than Baya, Brianna, Brittini, Jonna and Callie. I think it's a tie with Ayiiia. But I'm not here to compare.
I got tired of her running her mouth a little in the season, but Ashley overall was okay. I loved Emily the most. Callie what was good about her was she didn't get involved in any drama which I like in a girl. Erica was a mess, I got tired of her in the episodes.