Real World Cancun: Episode 11 - Discussion

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Real World Cancun: Episode 11 - Discussion
[B]Dude-Fest To Vegas![/B] CJ informs Bronne and Derek that he's taking them to Las Vegas for his football try-out.
Should be an interesting episode, even though I am not happy about some things that are bound to crop up. :D
I think this is the episode I've been dreading :(
oooooohhh Jonna...bad move!
[QUOTE=hahalollmao3;117733]oooooohhh Jonna...bad move![/QUOTE] Agreed. Ladies, keep your men locked up when Jonna is in the house! :wink2:
hahaha I love the music change from the ME hotel to the GRL
Bronne must've been super bored! Lol he cracks me up with his silliness.
Bronald gets so excited about stuff!
well the thing is I don't believe a woman steals a man. The man has his own mind too. Still doesn't make Jonna right. It's clear she's desperate for attention. But what I'm saying, is I'm sick of people letting guys off the hook and ONLY getting mad at the other woman. In this situation though, I'm sure Emilee didn't know this guy well but Jonna is her roommate and friend, so she was more wrong. I think she just always wants the attention of men.
whoa CJ never saw that coming!
CJ is such a tough guy;)
ooooo He's in trouble!!!
When these roomates are drunk they are sooooo obnoxious.
The mexican popo don't play around...
CJ thinks he is sooo cool just because he hit a guy my gosh.
Well the guy was messing with Derek...I guess CJ was just defending his friend...he didn't have to punch him in the face though.
Im glad that it was CJ not Derek. I don't care if CJ goes to jail but I would be upset if Derek did!
hahahaha Ok I think we all knew he was going to get out of's not a shocker.
No Derek, "we" were not in jail. CJ was in jail. What were they thinking walking in there barefoot? Ew.
Just over 95 bucks. Minor shakedown by Mexican standards...
And here explains the "replaced roommate" thing...
Hahaha smooth, that explains everything on the dailies. I feel like I'd do something like that too lol
Wow guys are idiots.
I don't understand what saying that there was a new roomie accomplished
it's all about meeting new guys..NOT!
"Maybe we'll meet some cool guys" I swear Jonna has a one track mind. She's boy crazy...
I have a feeling Jonna isn't gonna mesh well with the girls on this trip.
"4 chill dudes" I don't think that chill is the word that I would use to describe Joey...
I figured all you guys would be raving about the preview for Jennifer's Body...
Would joey even describe himself as chill? lol