Real World Cancun: Bronne Bruzgo - Zombie Movie

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Real World Cancun: Bronne Bruzgo - Zombie Movie
[CENTER] [/CENTER] [QUOTE]To our shock and dismay, Bronne was booted from the ME hotel last week and forced to fend for himself on the rough and tumble streets of Cancun. (Hey, flying fire extinguishers can be fatal.) Fortunately, Student City promptly offered him room and board with the rest of their worker bees (and roaches), and Bronne was allowed to remain part of the Real World cast. But where was Bronne tonight? Not seeing Mr. Funnypants for most of Episode 10 was a serious bummer ... until we got some intel that dude was putting his genius to good use while the cameras focused their lenses on that highly scandy threesome. Check out our budding filmmaker's masterpiece, Chronicles of a Survivor, and share your thoughts on his movie-making skillz. Just click the "Share" button to pause the video, leave a comment and post your one-liners to Facebook and/or Twitter. Plus: Want to see what everyone else is sayin'? Click over the other squares (at the bottom of the player) to hear whether other show fans think Bronne's got a future in Tinseltown, or at least dinner theater.[/QUOTE][[URL=""]via MTV[/URL]]
Ahh Bronne, I love this guy.
Brilliant el o el!! its better then playing WoW if you had nothing better else to do when you are alone and bored (i hate that game). Seriously If I had the spare time like he did...well actually no I would never think of doing such a thing. But its funny and random....props Bronne! i hate when people think he tries to hard to be funny. I think he is a very enthusiastic person with a good heart. this quote comes to mind when I think about Bronne... A friend is someone who bails you out of jail. A [B][U]true[/B][/U] friend is someone who sits with you in the jail cell and says "Wow. That was fun." p.s. GREAT BACKGROUND MUSIC....epic!! cheers,
All I have to say is that this video was awesome. No lie, it was better than some cinema movies.
Having a background in editing footage and whatnot, this video was actually pretty good! It's quite impressive seeing how he was holding the camera while filming himself... That's really hard to do for those who have never tried it.