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You are definitely right on that one Sean. I actually had to watch myself give a speech once and critique myself and I say certain things too much and especially talk with my hands a lot. I think it would be strange to have one of my normal conversations typed out.
How tall are the guys on this show? Adam looked the tallest, and I think Leroy and Dustin are the same height. They are both a good few inches taller than Mike. But Mike looks a few inches taller than Nany, who is like half a foot taller than the other girls. In one of the dailies Leroy is standing next to Heather and she looks at least a foot shorter than him. So did they just pair up tall people with midget girls? So Confused.
[QUOTE=realworld251;244609]How tall are the guys on this show?[/QUOTE] I have asked someone who will know and will get back to you as soon as I find out. However, my guess is that Adam and Leroy were the tallest, followed closely by Dustin and then Mike. And I would peg Mike at about 5'10.
I think I read somewhere that Dustin Zito is 6'1"