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(Sorry if this topic has already been made, but i searched and haven't saw it) I LOVE this show, i said a while ago on the City thread that she should get one, but i never knew it would come true. I think her life is way more interesting then whitneys, and her daughter is cute, i didnt even know she had kids. That stephanie vorhes girl needs to be fired, but i feel sorry for her cuz she hasnt been trained at all
Forget Kelly, Andrew her assistant is the [I]real[/I] star of the show! I want him to be my friend! Don't even get me started on how innefficiently that office is run. I'm sure half the drama is partially staged, mostly the stuff in the office, but still both the interns and the paid staff need to get their act together. If you delegate, learn some managerial skills and check in on the interns once in a while. If you are being delegated to, learn how to check with someone first and ask if what you are doing is right or not instead of wasting a day doing it wrong. I like the show much better when they are out of the office, doing the events, setting up the shows and interacting with clients. I have enough printer problems in my day already I don't really need to see it on tv at night.
Does Whitney (The City) appear on the show?
[QUOTE=bsteve;155091]Does Whitney (The City) appear on the show?[/QUOTE] No and thank god. Stephanie V. is enough to deal with. I think she only "works there" during filming for her own show.
Im starting to think that too.... I feel bad for Steph tho, cuz nobody really taught her how to do her job. I would hate to work for Kelly lol