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iMovie and iPhoto
Sorry if this isn't exactly the place for this question, but I don't know where else to look and I thought I'd see if anyone could help me out. I might just be being paranoid, but I just want to check. I'm doing a project for school, I have to make a video about my family.. I'm scanning a bunch of pictures now at my house and I'm going to put them all on a disc and bring them to school. All of the pictures around 1,000 - 2,000+ pixels. I'm just wondering if when I bring them to school and put them in to iPhoto, they'll shrink down because I'm eventually going to put them into iMovie and I would hate to have done all of this and then come to find that every single one of my pictures has someones head cut off. Hope this makes sense lol.
I'm not a mac user, but I assume in iPhoto you'll be able to crop them all to the same aspect ratio and then integrate them into your movie.
If you are working with a wide screen format, the aspect ratio is 16:9. If you are editing for a standard TV screen, the ratio is 4:3.
Thanks Baccus and V1. They probably will shrink down. My cousin said it'll be fine, but I don't think he knows much more than I do.